Beginning My Journey Into MAC Lipsticks

As big as my make-up collection is, there’s something to say about the quality of make-up I actually hoard. The truth is, I’m a serial high street and drugstore buyer of my make-up and I’ve often acted in shock at the price tag attached to come brands such as NARS, Benefit and even MAC so I […]

Primark Beauty Swag

I’ve championed Primark for their affordable clothing for years since a branch opened in the high street of my home town. This was a time when Primark really took off in the UK and myself and all my friends at the time couldn’t get enough of the cheap t-shirts and jeans as well as underwear […]

Backstage with Dior at Debenhams

I recently had the opportunity to pop down to the Cardiff branch of Debenhams to find out all about Dior’s latest releases in the form of a champagne and sweet treats events including a make-up masterclass courtesy of the lovely Anthony who works on the counter. I’m all up for anything to do with cosmetics […]

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