August: In Reading

You know how I moved house and got behind on everything? Yeah that’s totally why I’m posting about what I read in August in October… Totally not behind in anything at all, no sir. Being as I moved to Wales and started using a library I managed to zoom through these books really quickly whilst […]

March: In Reading

  Boy oh boy what a month for reading March has been! Here I was thinking that as this month included my birthday, a fair few days out and so much more work that I wouldn’t have the time to read as much. How wrong was I. I’m starting to think that I’ve caught some […]

February: In Reading

  This month has been a bit unusual for reading. I somehow managed to do nothing with the majority of the month and then right at the end I somehow got my reading hat on and went full-pelt into a page-turning marathon. I blame the dreary weather and reduced working hours, oh and the small […]

January: In Reading

  This past month I’ve been working hard to catch up with all of the things I wasn’t able to over the festive season and reading as many books as I could came at the top of that list. I still feel pretty bad about failing my 52 Week Book Challenge from last year so […]

The 52 Week Book Challenge

One of my objectives this year is to read more books. This idea was born out of the fact that I have atleast ten books on the go that I haven’t seemed to have gotten round to reading, ever – and that I simply need something constructive to do with my time these days. I […]

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