Ode to a Sticky Uploading Progress Bar

You’d think after a degree in media production and a further ten months working explicitly in post-production I would know a way around waiting for over an hour for a video to upload to YouTube. Alas, I’ve tried everything from converting my video with a restricted bit rate to turning the internet router on and […]

The (Non) Perils of Job Hunting

Here I am contemplating life and just about to finish a job application when I get a call from a company I interviewed for just before Christmas to offer me a position. *fist pump* It’s in retail and twenty hours a week. I would like more as the wage won’t really be enough for me […]

The Perils of Job-Hunting

Presently I am sat working on my laptop at the dining room table looking for jobs. Pfft. It’s a bit boring, I’m not gonna lie. The good news is that I am well on the way to finishing book one of my 52 Week Book Challenge. I’ll be writing a review pretty shortly and then […]

(Kind of) Motivational Monday

According to the bank of little known and talking-point worthy bank of facts that every daytime television chat show writes their scripts from ever, today is statistically the most depressing day of the year. Let me tell you, I have had worse and much more depressing days that this one in my time. Currently I […]

Back to the Dark Ages

I feel a late night coming on. Since we moved into this house nearly ten years ago the bathroom has never been redecorated. As much as I love our bath and sink ensemble the units have rotted over time and the bath actually has two cracks in it, cracks that have never been caused by […]

The 52 Week Book Challenge

One of my objectives this year is to read more books. This idea was born out of the fact that I have atleast ten books on the go that I haven’t seemed to have gotten round to reading, ever – and that I simply need something constructive to do with my time these days. I […]

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