Ten Accounts to Follow on Twitter For Media Industry Entrants

* This post was originally written on 12/6/13 and reposted here. I’m no expert when it comes to getting into the media being as I haven’t really gotten into it yet, but I do use Twitter a lot as a good networking and researching tool. Below I’ve made list of accounts that I follow already and find really useful for advice.

1) @theunitlist. The Unit List, run by the wonderfully helpful Jude Winstanely, is my number one resource for all things job hunting and media. The jobs that are posted on the website may not be exactly industry entrant level but Jude works hard to make sure that when there are opportunities available, they are posted ASAP. You’ll notice that Jude does a number of Twitter Q&As as well posts links to the The Unit List website, which you’ll probably want to bookmark by the way. With articles such as the Runner’s Tipsheet (which I read before my stint as a Day Runner on the XFactor and promptly made note to follow to the letter) and the TV Watercooler forum, this is an account you want to get following, stat!

2) @skillsetssc. Creative Skills is the UK Creative Industries Sector Skills Council. Yes that was quite a mouthful wasn’t it! And that’s direct from their profile. This twitter account posts and retweets everything from job profiles in the media industry to information of budgets and funding available for freelancers. Better yet, Skillset don’t just pull information from other sources, they also write their own blogs about what’s going in the sector and post them.

3) @thebbcacademy. This is the first of a couple of BBC profiles that you should be following, because the Beeb has a lot of them because they are pretty committed about getting new talent into the industry. This account will again retweet information from other sources, which is part of the beauty of twitter really because they also retweet their own stuff from their other ‘family’ accounts so you won’t be missing any of the information they have for you. The account isn’t industry entry stuff again but I find it’s useful for learning about other stuff that goes on like the BBC Writer’s Room etc.

4) @4talent. Keeping with the theme of accounts ran by the big broadcasters, 4Talent is Channel Four’s people developed and support of those who want futures in the creative industries. 4Talent doesn’t just look for people who want to get into TV and film production; they also provide information for journalists etc. The owners of the account do post a lot of reminders about events, but I find they’re good for actually reminding you to apply (I’m pretty bad at remembering application deadlines okay). I would really recommend going on a 4Talent day if you can, like the one we recently had in Sunderland, it was very enlightening to the opportunities Channel Four has such as the soon to be launched Open4.

5) @thenetwork_tv. The Network is an introductory free event for media bods that takes place during the Edinburgh TV festival in August. Unfortunately applications have closed and the successful candidates have been chosen for this year but you should still follow them because of the Q&A sessions they lead and the job advertisements they post. Oh, and if you’re like me you’ll actually get the head’s first for when next year’s applications open and be ready to apply.

6) @theknowledgeuk. A couple of the Twitter accounts I have to recommend have their own as interesting and useful websites that you should add to your bookmarks and The Knowledge is no exception. The website is basically a production hub of contacts for anything from people to prop suppliers so we’re talking a product that errs more on the side of professional than industry entry but their fact sheets and interviews with professionals are handy to have around.

7) @itvcareers. Another account going with the theme of big broadcasters to follow to get your TV opportunity. I find that ITV don’t have as much information and advice out there like their counterparts and the job and intern application systems are a little bit complicated in their presentation so you really have to search and keep on searching each week to see chances if you go straight to their site, which is why I recommend following them because they tweet their latest jobs advertisements. They also post the odd CV writing tip as well which is worth saving for later.

8) @shurichmond. Shu is a TV execuctive and media consultant blogger (as her profile says) but she also the author of the ebook An Expert’s Guide to Getting into TV – which I recommend you spend the six quid on by the way. She also runs a website that holds interviews and information for people wanting to work in TV. Follow her and get links to this information as well as job advertisements she finds and retweets.

9) @bbccop. I’m a little bit in love with the BBC College of Production. Their website speaks for itself for content and their Twitter account is more of a companion to this than anything. Because there is such a wealth of information and advice online, their Twitter posts mainly links to articles and podcasts that have recently been put up as well as the older bits of advice that are still relevant. Add them and you’ll be surprised at exactly how information they have, for free, about making it in the media.

10) @mediamuppet. Media Muppet is my latest addition to the follow-list. Their tweets have been doing the round in my feed for a while now because they post job opportunities all of the time. Wanna know something really awesome? Their job listings are free! A lot of websites will want you to pay a registration fee but Media Muppet don’t, and as already mentioned, they are posting constantly. As with others they also post tips and advice such advice on how to run your own blog and websites for teaching yourself media skills.

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