On The Blog In January

Being as I’ve turned over a new leaf in the blogging world and have been posting more than ever, I’ve decided to collate my posts over the last month. Going forward, I’ll be posting each time of the month before and everything I’ve been chatting about here on the old blog.

Well, here goes:

2018: The Year I Tackle My TBR

For the new year I decided to tackle my dreaded to be read list. Folks, this pile has been mounting and mounting for a good two years and it’s now taking over my bookcase. Each time I buy a new book I start to feel this immense guilt about not finishing what I have at home already, so I decided to do something about my book-buyers guilt once and for all.

Buying Bargain Make Up Brushes from Amazon

I love a bargain! Don’t we all? I ordered these amazing brushes online before Christmas and they’ve become you go-to for every day make up application.

Addicted to Tarte Make Up? See My First-Time Mini Haul

I took the plunge on my first ever overseas order from Tarte during the Boxing Day sales. The chance of unknown customs charges was scary, but the savings were phenomenal so I couldn’t stand to let the items in my mini haul go.

Estee Lauder DW Foundation Vs The W7 Dupe

I’ve been living out of a bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for a couple of weeks and I’m quite a fan of the long-lasting formula. That was, until I pocketed the W7 dupe for a mere fraction of the price.

Five Money Saving Tips for January

In my only lifestyle post this month I touched on the subject of saving money by sharing my own tips. This is the first life-type post I’ve written in a long time and I was kinda nervous about posting it, I’m hoping the process will get easier as time moves on because I’ve plenty to share in the future.

Reviewing the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette (Finally!)

The title says it all: I finally got round to posting my review of my first ever Urban Decay buy. I may have since added two more of the Naked palettes to my stash but this one is still my firm fave.

January Reading Round-Up

Then finally we reach a round-up of all the books I’ve soared through in a month. I love reading at this time of year when the weather is being crap and all the partying is over so I made a good bite into that TBR pile.

So there goes my month of January and all of the posts I churned out. This was a great month for me because I had two weeks of annual leave from work to concentrate on getting on the top of my blog and I think it completely shows in how much my content has increased.

Did you read any of my posts from last month? Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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