When You Really Hate Valentine’s Day…


So Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and this year I’m feeling like a big fat Grinch in a Cupid costume. Last year I was still numb with the pain of heartbreak so the day passed over my head without so much of a care. This year however, those feelings of loneliness return as I am once again single.

Personally I dislike Valentine’s Day. Even when I was in a relationship the date felt like an unnecessary event of which table much be booked for weeks in advance (if we wanted to go anywhere decent), cards must be purchased and gifts debated over. To me it was all a bit of a hassle, and it still is even when I’m not with anyone.

When you’re single February 14th just gets a hella lot worse to endure. Okay so you no longer have to shell out money you don’t have on a date night, gifts and chocolate but instead you have to put up with the excessive advertisements for flowers, cards and night-in meal deals thrown at you from print, TV and the web.

Uhm, get lost and get outta my social media feeds – thanks.

I read recently that this day should be a celebration of love, well why don’t we start celebrating those people other than our partners. No, I’m not talking about running down the street and giving strangers big smacking snogs tomorrow – I mean show your family members and friends a bit of care. I hate how I’m made to feel like crap just because I don’t have a boyfriend to share my love with, why don’t they do cards for your Mum for Valentine’s Day? Yeah I know that there is Mother’s Day and of course Father’s Day but I would happily buy my Mum a box of chocolates and a card that just says ‘Ta, for providing a roof over my head and food on the table – I do love you you know’ tomorrow rather than for a bloke.

What am I doing tomorrow? Well as it’s the weekend I’ll of course be working the sales floor but in the evening a newly single friend and myself have tickets booked to see Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema. What a date, huh. I think I’ll be supping a few cocktails to make watching the film bearable but I’m looking forward to doing something that’ll make me laugh with a good friend rather than sitting in feeling sorry for myself.

What are you doing tomorrow? Have you got a partner to share the date with or are you, like me, single and not loving it?

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