Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

Lookie here, this post isn’t a gift guide!

I don’t know about you but hanging about the bloggersphere this time of year can bloody stink if you’re single. Although the slew ‘gift guides’ and ‘date night on a budget’ topics are subsiding these days, it can still be the same old, same old if you’re scrolling through your feed.


I don’t believe in yapping about skimpy lingerie and sex toys either. I strongly dislike how this time of year is seemingly concentrated on just one day where those of us with partners are expected to jump into bed with each other and shag after gorging on an M&S ‘Dine in for Two’ with the candles lit and those who are single are made to feel miserable.

This is our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and we’re doing sweet f all to mark the occasion. By some stroke of luck I’m on early shifts all week but my husband and I are feeling the pinch this month because we’ve started to save for a baby, we can’t really afford to go out and dine in a posh restaurant or buy each other extravagant gifts. Who needs to be spend lots on tat that’s just going to be binned by the weekend anyway?

Nah, I’m not being a February-the-14th-Grinch on purpose. I just really can’t be arsed this year. I was raised with two parents who hardly ever went out of their way to celebrate these sort of midweek events like Pancake Day (which is today as well!) or Halloween. My Mum and Dad were happy to send each other a card that would sit in the windowsill for a week before ending up in the recycling.

Personally, I’ve just pocketed a few little bits for my husband for under a fiver that will be hastily wrapped in pink-hearted wrapping paper left over from my step-daughter’s birthday before I leave for work on Wednesday morning. We’ll write each other soppy essays in our cards, exchange them and then have a cuddle together in bed and an early night. No assumptive sex-times in sight.

Seriously, the intensive coupling of Valentine’s Day leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What I really think we should start concentrating on these days is celebrating each other rather than particularly our others halves. It gets my back up that those of my friends who are single are automatically made to feel like they should detest the date. Why should anyone mark the 14th on their calendar and celebrate it if they don’t want to? I’ll be dropping these mates a hello and starting a conversation for a friendly chat. I feel like spreading some love and attention. I’m not even going to mention how shit it is that they’re single on such a day. That’s just bad form.

I think I’m also going to take the opportunity to give my Mum a call on the 14th and have a chat, or maybe just tell my closest family and friends how much I appreciate them. Yeah, of course I’ll give my husband an extra cuddle or kiss during the day but I’m going to make an effort to wish all the people I come into contact with a good day too.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are going to spread the love to multiple people like me this year? Let me know in the comments.

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