Too Much Time

I have a little bit of time off of work at the moment (how many times have I typed that in this blog?) so I’m enjoying the summery weather and cracking on with reading some books and pottering around the house drinking copious amounts of tea in the sunshine. The hot weather has been nice but annoying as usual. All of the insects come out of their wintertime hidey-holes and then our cats become royal pains by flopping down everywhere and chasing down the small birds that live in our garden.

Yesterday I was unfortunately too late to save a baby bird that had fallen victim to the cat guard and found him being used as a chew toy in the afternoon sun. Blergh. I was going to bury the poor guy but as my Mum advised me later on the cats would’ve just dug him up. I do love our pets and I can’t quash their innate instinct to hunt but it doesn’t half feel awful when you come across a bird or mouse that was meant to be a gift for you being left under the kitchen rug. Thanks not.

I’ve been prepping for London next week by getting overly excited about one night only in the capitol and buying some more summer clothes. I’ve been living out of the same summer staples for about three years and only adding the odd item here and there. Last summer I practically lived in three quarter length shorts and branded t-shirts from various events I’d worked at – this year I needed a change. I hate how the sunshine means that I have to shed layers and show off parts of my body that I personally think wobble far too much to be seen in public. This year I put on my brave face and headed to the shops after payday to finally finish off filling my wardrobe with dresses, skirts, t-shirts and light summer cardigans.

After scouring up and down my local Primark for a good hour finding atleast three complete outfits and finally discovering the correct shoes and accessories to go with my one dress that I am wearing to all three weddings I am attending this summer (if you’re gonna spend a lot on a dress then you better make the most of it) I headed over the New Look to buy the one white light cardigan I had my eye on for weeks that will go with practically everything.

So I wear this lovely ensemble out the other night complete with brand new cardigan and end up spilling a shooter named ‘liquid cocaine’ all over myself in the local pub. This disaster is just another of a long line of events resulting in my sweating over a bowl of warm water and vanish spray that has led me to decide to never wear anything new near alcohol every again. You’d think I’d have learnt since scraping up my prized chelsea boots the over week but noooo.

Today I was meant to go out with a friend for a meal and to the cinema but she’s had to cancel on me at the last minute so now I’m contemplating cycling my bike up to the woods near my house in preparation for the takeaway I will inevitably order in sorrow of being abandoned.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you have some spare time on your hands?

Until the next time πŸ˜‰

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