Three Cheers for New Year’s

Here we are, half way through January of 2019 and the internet has suddenly re-woken with social media posts and content from your favourite bloggers and vloggers. I missed all of the Christmas content that had been bubbling away since November when it dramatically dried up during the holidays as my followed influencers spent time with their families.

It was strange holiday for me as I had a week booked off of work of which I had been promising myself some time for things I really wanted to do such as read a book, write some blog posts or organise some rooms in the house. I was fully ramped up to spend my holiday with my family too because this was the first year we would be a family of three. As my luck would have it, I spent most of the week clearing up sick after my husband who was very unwell for the entire festive season and trying my best to keep on top of the house whilst trying not to do too much to wear myself out.

Yup. I spent quite a few evenings on my own in the house after everyone had gone to bed during Christmas. It was a bit crap and I didn’t even have social media to keep me distracted. Nor could I pick my way through the festive food loot I battled through Morrisons for because I just couldn’t face it alone.

However, we’re now into a new year and my sights have been firmly set on the next twelve months ahead. My other half has recovered enough to keep me company and help the housework feel like less of a mountain to climb (if you haven’t caught onto the TOMM trend I’d recommended that you get started, it’s a winner) so right now we need to start concentrating on the next chapter of our lives together – we’re having a baby!

At time of writing I’m seventeen weeks pregnant and baby is due in late June. I’ve had a few ups and downs with this pregnancy and I feel that I may just be one of those women that don’t have a smooth ride, but I’m totally calm about that. I had a scan just before Christmas, another one of the 28th of December and then a third as recently as last weekend. I might go into the details of this pregnancy in future blog posts but I’m not promising anything – I’m just happy that the baby seems okay and is growing nicely.

With a new addition to our family comes an extra motivation to make positive changes to our home and lifestyle and I’ve felt the pull more than most to get going this month. I’ve had a few bad habits that have been hanging around for a while that I’m now totally focusing on breaking because I know that I will have the mental space during my maternity leave that start focusing on them exclusively. I also really want our home to feel more streamlined and easier to move around so I’ve started some de-cluttering that I’m slowly getting through every couple of days. Generally there are three things I want to put the spotlight on during 2019:

Re-organising the house – my stepdaughter really needs a bigger bedroom as she’s getting older. Not only is the smallest room in the home overtaken by her toys and clothes from Christmas and a birthday in December, it’s time that she had the room to move around and to enjoy.

I want her to have a space she can manage as well as somewhere she can seek peace once her little brother or sister is born. This means downsizing our office to her old room before the baby is born and then eventually getting a desk and two bookcases into the master bedroom when the baby needs their own space. We also need to make the whole house a bit more baby-ready with room for a pram etc.

Phew. It feels like a lot of work but I feel that it will take more discipline than anything. I can let go of my possessions quite easily but glancing at my husband’s bookcase… him not so much.

Seeing things through – I have an exceptionally bad habit of letting tasks and hobbies fall by the wayside, my blog included. The amount of times I’ve come back to this place with a fresh promises is starting to get embarrassing to be honest. I want to start properly embracing my interests and really investing time in them but this is quite a hard thing to do for me as I tend to spend a lot of my time vegetating in front of TV or my phone screen. I want to keep up regular time slots doing activities such as reading so I’d like to commit each weekend to at least an hour or two put aside to reading a book and enjoying it which is something I haven’t been able to do for a while.

I’ve read for challenges in the past yet these can feel like a chore to me so I tend to put them off – much like writing blog posts at times and drives me up the wall that I subconsciously delay what should be enjoyable activity.

I think somewhere in my mind I procrastinate so much because I daren’t fall down the hole of getting lost in something for hours on end and seeing time fly from under me and then having to pack it all away ready for another week of work, where I have to keep focus solely on the day job. I made a pledge a couple of years ago to completely separate my work and home life and I feel that I may have done too much of a good job on such – I will spend hours clock-watching at home and just not filling my time because I should be ‘relaxing’ outside of work, especially when I’ve had a mentally draining week.

Putting down my phone – I am absolutely awful at scrolling endlessly through my phone. I went into my new phone contract last year with all intentions to full my handset with blogging tools and I just don’t do any of what I intended with it. I primarily spend my hours scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling my social media streams. I love Instagram and Twitter but I’m instantly shy about putting myself out there for fear of criticism so I tend to hover and make very few interactions – the worst habits for an aspiring blogger to have to be honest.

I will wallow in a pit of social medial absorption during every spare moment I have and it drives me up the wall. I want to put my phone down and be done with it on an evening. The important people in my life know how to contact me, I automatically mute my WhatsApp group conversations and I use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on my iPhone from 10pm so why am I not putting that demon-device down more often? I’m ready to let go and enjoy doing other things.

Honestly, this coming year is going to be a little bit mental, maybe stressful and full of new experiences. I’ve done enough finding myself through my early twenties so I’m pretty much settled on who I am as an individual – I feel it’s time to embrace life and do the things I want to in my spare time.

Plus, I’m very excited about becoming a Mum to our new addition. Also, I’m very excited for morning sickness to bugger off once baby is born.

Have you made promises to yourself for this new year? Is there anything you really want to achieve that you’ve been putting off? Let me know in the comments.

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