The Perils of Job-Hunting

Presently I am sat working on my laptop at the dining room table looking for jobs.

Pfft. It’s a bit boring, I’m not gonna lie.

The good news is that I am well on the way to finishing book one of my 52 Week Book Challenge. I’ll be writing a review pretty shortly and then (hopefully) gather up some courage to do a video and edit it at the weekend. I hate appearing on camera, usually when I watch myself I can only focus on the layers of fat on my many chins wobble as I talk. Alas, I need to get some confidence in front of the camera. You’d think working with camera for four years and even appearing in the faculty video for my university would’ve gotten me over my annoyances but there you go.

I’ve been feeling quite motivated the past couple of days with doing things online and in my home life. I’m thinking again of properly dieting and going to the gym, I’ve really wanted to go the past couple of days but the bus has gone up to Β£1.90 for a single into town, that’s nearly Β£4 there and back! I used to walk everywhere as much as possible in Sunderland but it’s about forty minutes to walk into town from home and to the gym and the weather has been pretty crap these past few days. I’d rather cuddle up with the newly-fixed central heating and stay on the internet – but I am going to a Zumba class with a friend tomorrow to hopefully make some new friends and get active so I’m quite looking forward to that. I’ve also said I’ll help my Mum look for a new phone contract at the weekend as well so hopefully I’ll be keeping myself busy by getting out of the house and not feeling too negative with myself.

Oh and I did completely re-design my CV for applying for jobs as per the National Career’s Service advice and it has made me feel so much more positive. I don’t what it is about starting a fresh from the same document you have been editing and adding to for years. I sat in a coffee shop on Tuesday morning before I met with a friend and her daughter and sat on my laptop, not only did I feel like hipster with my Macbook open in a posh coffee place but there was also a sign on the door asking for staff so I printed off and handed in my new CV that afternoon. I had to sign up to the library which has completely changed since I last went in there when I was sixteen or so. I’ve now got a swanky library card and can go use the internet for two hours a day and print off five pages free.

Honestly I only wanted to use the printer and download my document from my emails that I’d sent on my laptop but the system was so slow and outdated that it took me nearly twenty minutes. I swear sometimes I am so thankful that I have a roof over my head with free internet and a printer. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to rely on the library for job searching full time but kudos to the library for provided the service and helping us job hunters. They do a CV workshop on a Tuesday afternoon that you can go to, I might send my brother as he’s looking for a part-time job right now.

I’m feeling okay about that job I handed my CV in for, I wouldn’t mind working in a restaurant and bar again, I’m thinking that I’m in a much better place than I was the last time I did bar work and really hated it, but I’d like to think that the working all hours and doing college full time was to blame for that. I’m just worried as I am with every role I apply for lately that my degree is making me over qualified for some roles. I just want a job I can work hard at, save some money, learn to drive and potentially move up to team-leading or management in future. I work really well with high levels of responsibility and yes I do have a career destination in mind but right now I just want to work hard, enjoy my family and friends and most importantly find some inner peace.

I really hate sitting at home twiddling my thumbs when I’ve worked in retail, customer service and catering with all of these skills just waiting to use them. I love going out and talking to people, it’s a bit poop when I have only my own company.

Maybe I can write a personal letter and attach it to my applications and employers will take sympathy on me?

*puppy dog eyes*

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