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Now we’re settled into our home and have practically everything we really need it’s not often I get the chance to add to our homewares. Long gone are the days when I was a student and buying a new set of pillows and a throw every year would give each of my rooms a stamp of personality to (not really) help me study in comfort.

However, sometimes we do have to to stock up in the essentials like replacement toothbrushes, batteries, razors and in this case – candles. I talked recently in my post about making the most of autumn that our candle supplies have been in dire need of restocking since last winter so Rick and I made the excuse to spend some time in our nearest Home Bargains all in the name of household replenishment.

Well, just replacing what we were missing didn’t exactly go to plan because we walked out with more candles than we could need until next spring and three new mugs when we’ve already got a cupboard overflowing with them as it is.


Personally, I think it brings some originality to a kitchen cupboard when your guests are provided with a mish-mash of different mugs to drink from on visiting and seeing these for £1 each were a steal. I have a ‘&’ tattooed on my ankle and consider the symbol to be something I’ve adopted over the years so I wasn’t going to turn down that mug and then then other two just made sense with both of our initials.

I may have been tutting to myself as I tried to find room for them when we got home but I’m sure we have some mugs hanging around that have seen better days and these will gladly take their place. Of course, I’m going to demand my morning tea be made in the ‘R’ mug from now on too.


I’ve had a minor obsession with finding the perfect three wick candle for our coffee table for months and Home Bargains finally answered by prayers with this beaut for £7! This may seem a little steep but let me tell you, not only is this such a fresh smelling candle but the closest size equivalent I found was for £50 in The White Company and I was not prepared to pay that much to burn wax.

This candle is the size of a newborn baby and as soon as I picked it up, I held it protectively to my bosom the entire way around the shop until we went to pay because I didn’t want to put it down – and I’m not kidding when I say it’s huge. The only frustrating thing is that I can’t seem to take a picture that adequately shows how humungous it is to show off!


You imagine how excited I was to find a three wick candle for cheap and times that by about ten when I saw these blatant Yankee Candle rip offs for only £2.99 each.

Every time I stick my nose in a Yankee Candle I end up with a serious headache because the smells are so strong for burning that it puts me off trying all the different scents and not to mention how expensive they are. Not these, oh nope. This Halloween candle smells exactly like you’d expect pumpkins mixed with sweets to smell like – and it doesn’t make you feel nauseous like it’s too sweet or sickly either. I wasn’t on the hunt for a themed Halloween candle per se but I just couldn’t say no to this.


Also in the themed candle section was this gingerbread jar candle for the same price. I find this flavour for Christmas to smell much more attractive compared to the likes of mulled wine etc and it really makes me feel like the season is coming. Sadly, this one is going to be sitting on our bursting book shelf until the festive season really kicks in – and we drag out all of our decorations from storage.

Honestly, I cannot stress to you what great value these candles are because they’re the same size as their Yankee Candle counterparts and a fraction of the cost – winner winner. As I type this I eagerly await the sun to set so I can light my candle village – apart from being a serious fire hazard it’s gonna look amazing and smell oh so divine.

Have you been around a Home Bargains recently? What did you think of their available selections? Let me know in the comments.

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