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A couple of weeks before Christmas I was reading a blog post about cute and little things you can buy as last-minute gifts and spied this lovely blog planner from Dot Creates. Little did I know that sitting next to me Rick was craftily purchasing the planner as soon as I gushed about it and on Christmas Day I was pulling apart wrapping paper to find this beaut to a very smug fiancé


The Ultimate Blog Planner in grey is a notebook full of handy pages all about composing the best blog posts with a focus on the useful features that bloggers need for their ideas and content.

I have notebooks on notebooks spilling around the house that are half-full with blog post ideas and I’m forever forgetting about them or just abandoning my post-writing missions by accident. In this planner, I really like how each page is lain out with bloggers in mind because all we need is somewhere to put down our ideas and remember to promote this content when we write it – perfect for someone who can leave things half-finished like myself!


I was seriously impressed with how useable this planner is and it’s not set out with months, weeks and days like diary-type planners which I can find really annoying because I can put blogging on the back burner sometimes and then a whole month has rolled by and I’ve got a massive month-shaped hole in a pretty notebook I’ve spent my cash on.

To promote myself getting some shit done with my blog for once I’ve used this notebook a few times by having it sitting on my coffee table or a my bedside table with a pen attached to the spine. So far it’s done a great job of catching those post ideas I somehow forget to write down in my other notebooks – and just avoided tea stains when the cat knocked a near-full mug over onto the side last week. Magic!


Oh, and you know what? This planner isn’t just full of the same pages printed again and again, but a few inspirational quotes doted around as well as pages about sponsored content so you make sure you keep to those commitments.

I’m an avid user of Google Calendar for tracking when I’ve posted and where I’ve shared my content on my social media profiles and this ties in beautifully to my organisation systems that I already enjoy using because I just don’t feel that pressure of having to write down posts and stick to scheduling them like with online programs and websites you can buy or use for free.

I think that if I hadn’t have been gifted this planner (that also comes in spotty and peach) I would’ve considered buying myself the Blog Planner Notepad instead as it fits perfectly with having a desk space – if only! This is the first website I’ve found with products that actually fit into what I want and need as a blogger, not what I think I do.


There’s plenty to see on Danielle’s website which is very well stocked and delivery is a breeze – so I’ve been told – so Rick has already bookmarked a few additional pieces to gift me for my birthday… I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if this print ends up framed and wrapped up for me to open in March!

Have you seen any of these products online? Or have your purchased the blog planner for yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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