Strawberry Picking at Wymeswold Fruit Farm

Remember that excessively warm summer we had a few months back? Yeah – feels like years ago now doesn’t it?

Well, during one of those blissful warm weekends the family and I made a trip to a Wymeswold Fruit Farm to pick some strawberries and I completely forget about the stunning photos I’d taken until recently.

These days the afternoons are becoming a little dreary (it’s rained like four or five times already today) and the evenings are drawing in as we head into autumn – every blogger’s favourite season. I’mย very excited to make my home feel all warm and welcoming with blankets and candles ready for winter.

It’s nice however to remember that blissful summer we had before the heat started to get on everyone’s tits and one couldn’t buy an electric fan fromย anywhere. The days look so bright in these photos and I remember how we hadn’t had rain in weeks when we went strawberry picking, the grass had frizzled into nothing and the skies were permanently blue. These days I would love to see a little peep of blue sky!

We took my step-daughter to pick some strawberries as a little pastime with my Mum is tow. I haven’t been in years and I can’t even remember going with Rick as a couple either so this was a lovely activity to spend together in the sun. There were tractor rides going around the fields and all sorts of fruit to pick from – not just strawberries.

I do remember when my Mum and Dad used to take my brother and I to this very same farm so it was really a pleasure to take my own family for the afternoon. I’m still not very good at picking the best fruit though, my Mum will always be the champion of that – she came home with two basket fulls.

I’m glad we managed to do a few of these sorts of things during the summer because it was a pretty tricky one for us, we had a lot going behind the scenes as a family and my step daughter needed a lot of support from us at the time. It’s occasions like these that I’m really glad we made the decision to move back to Leicestershire when we got married because being so close to family has been a complete joy and benefit.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and cosy autumn ahead. I’m sure we’ll be doing plenty more activities as a family going forward as we head into Christmas too, this is the first time we’ve had my step-daughter spend Christmas with us in our new home and I’mย completely over-excited about the festive season too.

Have you been looking back on the summer already? What was your favourite thing you did? Let me know in the comments.

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