Ode to a Sticky Uploading Progress Bar

You’d think after a degree in media production and a further ten months working explicitly in post-production I would know a way around waiting for over an hour for a video to upload to YouTube. Alas, I’ve tried everything from converting my video with a restricted bit rate to turning the internet router on and off again. Looks like I’m going to be sitting here watching this progress bar inch ever so slowly to 100% and not quite get there for a couple of hours yet.

Okay, okay I put my hands up and admit that maybe my last attempt whereupon my video was stuck at a sweet 78% percent for over thirty minutes may have been due to the fact that I was swallowing all of the household’s available bandwidth by streaming series three of Angel on LoveFilm… but I haven’t watched an entire episode on months and I was bored dammit.

To this day I still dislike waiting for video files to render, export, transcode and upload. I’m pretty sure that my version of hell would be a warm and sweaty edit suite with no windows as Final Cut Pro stutters along for an eternity trying to render a three hour video timeline and even if eternity did end and I had managed to export the audio would drift and everything would be out of sync at the end of this ridiculously long video. And there would be media offline at the two and a half hour point that I didn’t notice in the edit.

That happened to me once. I nearly cried.

I’ve had a busy few days in Mel-world starting at my new job, seeing friends and the like. I even went and had my eyebrows threaded on Monday as, let’s face it, they were in quite a state and after watching my video back of my book review (hence the *head desk* over the aforementioned video uploading problems) I came to realise that there is only so much my HD brows palette can do when I have somehow given myself a bald patch on my right side through either pulling at my eyebrows in my sleep or over-plucking. I subjected myself to less than five minutes of pure torture (not kidding!) in the town centre and had my caterpillars shaped for the first time in my life. I still have a little patchiness going on but my brows are slowly growing back in their gorgeous new shape and I feel quite like a lady these days without so much face-fuzz. I spent much of Tuesday pouting in mirrors and taking selfies.

I have also been to the gym. Yes, the actual gym! I went for a couple of gentle ‘easing-in’ sessions whereupon I breezily worked out on the cross trainer and treadmill without breaking too much of a sweat until I had a session with a personal trainer yesterday. The poor man had to put up with me wheezing on the bike and trying to explain to him that I would rather move to another piece of equipment as I actually did quite a lot of cycling the day before and was in quite a bit of pain already (true story). We did weights between cardio and my arms have been aching like billy-oh today. I don’t mind doing weights and I understand the whole high and low intensity work out thing but little old me with my big boobs and dodgy posture had to lay off on too much of the lifting so’s not to throw my back out so I have body parts that have probably been subjected to more strain than they needed to be. I’ve been on the hunt for printable food planners today and blew the dust off of my Rosemary Conley scrapbook of healthy recipes to get fit for 2014. Today I’ve been good and even had salad for lunch, there were green bits and everything in it.

The bathroom still isn’t done at home and we’ve actually been without a shower for three days. We’ve all been having a strip wash in the kitchen sink to get us by and personally I don’t know how much dry shampoo my hair can take. Being as I’m in work tomorrow I’ve been given a free pass to use the facilities of a family friend up the road and I tell you now, I might have to book in a slot just to spend exclusive time with me, a bottle of body lotion and the shower. I am through with having kitchen-sink washes, as much as I enjoy the water conservation I am having far too many flashbacks to camping it out during Download Festival 2007.

Woop, looks like my video finally uploaded, I’m off to go watch the viewing counter increase as I refresh the page over and over again.

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