(Kind of) Motivational Monday

According to the bank of little known and talking-point worthy bank of facts that every daytime television chat show writes their scripts from ever, today is statistically the most depressing day of the year.

Let me tell you, I have had worse and much more depressing days that this one in my time.

Currently I am sitting in the dining room of the house in my most insulated pair of pyjamas, my thick university hoodie and a hot water bottle. Why layer up like it’s 2011 and I’m shivering away next to world’s most expensive storage heater in the depths of a Northeast winter you ask? Well, sometime last night our boiler packed in so we have no central heating for a few days until a fit boiler man comes out and has a look.

Do you think it’s worth putting on my face and changing out of my slob-wear for the slim possibility that the boiler man might be a fittie? Hmm…

Today I’m recovering slightly from a weekend spent in Leicester for a friend’s birthday. Tequila, raspberry vodka and champagne was drank and a good time, if short-lived, time was had by all. We were back at the hotel by 11.30pm but I wasn’t complaining. I’m a bit of a weird bod when it comes to going out as I actually really enjoy the getting ready and pre-drinks portion of a night out sometimes more than my awkward ‘I’m far too fat to do any grinding on hot men’ dancing in clubs. I can’t dance for toffee, and I like toffee quite a lot so that’s saying something.

I am also slaving away giving my CV a good clean-out and update as the lovely lady at the National Careers Service has advised me to do whilst browsing job websites and saving relevant job roles to apply for later. It’s a tad boring but needs to be done.

I’m not gonna lie, I did have a little breakdown in my room earlier and had a little cry and a sniffle by myself for twenty minutes so I’m web searching with renewed vigour so I can make today a positive one rather than negative. It’s very easy to get pulled into a pit of ‘what-ifs’ as I browsed Pinterest this morning and was faced by all of these Valentine’s Day craft project pins that made me realise that out of the two of us, I will be the single one this year for the first time in six years on the 14th of Feb.

As I said, I’ve had my little weep and a big sigh so I’m just trying to get on with today. I might read a little more later but having so much room in my head was partly what set me off earlier.

Hey, I’ll always have the gym to release some lovely happy endorphins if I’m desperate.

Not likely though.

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