I’m Moving to Wales and That’s Totally Okay


On the theme of sometimes cryptic announcements on my blog it’s time I shared some news with you that I’ve been keeping a secret for near-on a month. And trust me, it’s been real hard not to share it with the internet.

I’m moving to Cardiff to live with my partner – yeah the one up there in the picture.

Yup. I know it’s fast. Yup, I know it’s far away and yeah – I totally get that you’re probably gonna sit there with one eyebrow raised like ‘whut’? I only announced that I was seeing someone not too long ago and moving in together seems like a big step but hey, YOLO and all that.

Fact is: I’ve been desperate to move out and as much as I’ve loved these past eighteen months reconnecting with my family, it’s about time I became the independent twenty-five year old I should be – and that doesn’t mean my Mum still cooking me dinners and doing my laundry. My partner and I practically spend every moment together we can and I don’t think I can physically, mentally and financially continue doing trips there and back almost once a week for much longer – it’s about time we moved on in our relationship.


A transfer with the company I work for has been organised, Ikea furniture bookmarked, my room semi-packed and my friends and family have been incredibly supportive. Seriously, I’ve had no negativity from anyone, it’s been amazing. My family especially have welcomed my partner – or Rick if we’re gonna be serious enough to live together you might as well get his name – with open arms and are helping me move in a few weeks.

As you can imagine this blog kinda took a backseat recently with travelling so much (I did squeeze in a holiday to London and back too, so it’s not all been on the go) and so much changing in my life such as having to drop everything last minute for interviews halfway across the country and trying to pack/sort out the stuff I’ve been carrying around with me from place to place for over seven years… it figures.

By the way, I went and got my first tattoo and I totally forgot to blog about it – I’ve been that preoccupied.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this last chapter of my life with you and you can expect lots of new posts from me in the near future all about it.

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