I Suppose This Is What They Call The Height of Summer?

It’s too hot right now. Far too hot.

In fact, for 80% of the day I feel like I’m melting. The only thing that’s making work somewhat bearable is that we have fantastic air conditioning. Those long hours are going to seem like an added bonus when they hit my pay check in a month or so but damn, give me air-con over sitting at home in my pool of sweat any day.

I was meant to have some time off next week but as per I’ve put my hand up to do overtime. I haven’t been keeping up with my reading challenge at all simply because I’ve gone off curling up with a book. If I’ve got a spare moment I’d rather be outside taking in the sunshine and exploring the wildlife near my home than indoors. That’s if I can be bothered, working so many hours makes me so lethargic – and the heat in the height of the day doesn’t help. As I say, pool of sweat – bleerggh.

We had some wicked thunderstorms last week, storms that raged at three am and gave the garden a good sprinkling of moisture. I love waking up to hear the rain splattering against my window during a humid summer night. I think thunderstorms have to be my favourite thing about summer just because the air outside feels so fresh afterwards. It makes me want to take a walk and then take huge, deep breaths to filter through my lungs and make them all fresh.

In other news I have some videos to edit but I need to get round to doing it. I’m on a little mission at the moment to try to do atleast something productive each day rather than coming in from work and just flopping down on my bed and dozing.

Damn you summer, you make me so lazy! *shakes fist*

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