Five Ways to Make The Most of Autumn

Autumn is finally here and I’m so excited because this my favourite season of them all. Spring is usually too cold for me these days, summer is just too hot and winter is winter so I’m really looking forward to these next couple of weeks.

During autumn, the weather just settles down for me to pull out that coat that I won’t feel suffocated in whenever I walk into a shop, the crisp morning breeze nips at my cheeks on my way to work and crispy brown leaves are everywhere to stomp through. But, ya know all-time favourite part of this season? The opportunity to curl up indoors when the weather turns bitter outside and wrap myself up into a duvet burrito. As awful as it is having to walk home in the rain and cold, there’s something beautiful about getting in to a warm home, making a hot drink and putting on a fresh pair of PJs because – the dark evenings are here!

Just before it gets too cold to even think about getting out of bed in the morning I’ve thought up some of the best ways to make the most of this season and I really hope you’ll try some of them to really embrace autumn:

Cuddle up with a good book

I’m an avid reader anyway but there’s just something about the cooler weather that puts me in the mood to read. I especially enjoy making myself a cup of tea, changing into something comfortable and finding a long book to dedicate some serious hours to. I’ll turn the TV off and the heating on for a few hours and if I’m lucky I’ll get really into whatever book I’m reading at the time and my mind will start to feel all sorts of relaxed. This is perhaps my ultimate past-time and it makes me feel all warm and squiggly inside when the evening starts to darken and I light a candle (or three). I do literally end up cuddling my book because I sometimes fall asleep too.


Spend a day out adventuring in the countryside

I know it’s getting cooler but occasionally the sun hangs strong and low in the sky without that clinging heat of summer – perfect weather for a walk in the country. Grab a coat, put on some walking boots or trainers and go outside to adventure. The colours are truly beautiful and if you’re like me you’ll end up filling your pockets with little trinkets like pine cones and big, bright leaves. All in the name of props for blog pictures, yeah.

Bake something

It’s Bake Off season and as the series starts to wind-down and the winner announced I dare anyone to not get bitten by the baking bug. I love to bake and I recently shared one of my first recipes for Earl Grey-flavoured tea cupcakes, treats that were enjoyed by everyone at my work and Rick who probably ate half of the first batch within the day one of them sitting on the side in the kitchen. I like doing indoor activities when it’s a bit cold and crispy outside and not only does baking warm your bones if the house is a little cold, it makes you feel extra cosy and geared up for making treats for Christmas too.


Have a pamper evening in with the heating on

Our heating bill probably goes up by about 60% within the month of October depending on the weather and that’s not just because Rick needs the house to be warm for his joints. I’m terrible for waking up in the morning or getting home in the afternoon and filling our home with warmth because I love feeling all toasty. Often, I run a bath, chuck in my latest Lush purchase and have a proper pamper sesh in the tub. Once I’m done I take extra long care drying my hair and then select my softest pair of PJs and a pair of slipper socks and then slide all over our laminate flooring because I can.

Stock up your cupboards with hot drinks

I wrote about our Whittard’s haul a while back and I now consider us well stocked for hot drinks. I have the choice of a tea, coffee or hot chocolate for whenever I want something warm. I don’t drink coffee but I do love a strong cup of tea in the mornings to wake me up, seriously I get the shakes if I don’t have atleast one cup by 10am. During a recent period of doing all of those adult things like clearing out drawers and dusting the skirting boards like proper grown-ups, we organised our hot drink cupboard and now everything is accessible enough to reach in without fear of spilling tea leaves or drinking chocolate all over the kitchen and I love it. I’m not big on having masses of whipped cream and marshmallows or anything but a sneaky salted caramel hot chocolate on a weeknight is my new diet cheat.

Do you have any tips of how to embrace the cooler weather? Let me know in the comments.

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