Cocktails at 29 Park Place

We’re in the throws of (what should be) the final details of our wedding in April here at Eaglestone HQ. Although, as luck would have it, I’m without one of the primary parts of a wedding – a wedding dress! I’ve recently visited and squeezed into nearly every plus-sized dress on offer in each bridal boutique in Cardiff so I was very ready for the chance to sit down with a drink at the cosy 29 Park Place bar and restaurant the other weekend.

Oh boy, was I in for a treat! Not only did the lovely staff treat us to a selection of cocktails from their extensive menu, but we also had the pleasure of sampling some of their dishes too.


The Classic Nacho Sharer was a beaut with what tasted like real and fresh ingredients in the salsa and sour cream as well as something different than the expected crisp nachos, these were like lightly fried pieces of flat bread instead – yum! We tucked into this with delight and there was hardly any of the dish left by the time we’d finished.


I’ve never eaten pork belly beforehand but these Pork Belly Bites were worth the ten minute or so walk from the main city centre on a cold and brisk evening. The sauce they were served in tasted divine and every bite I took had just the right amount of flavour. I was seriously impressed and will certainly be ordering these again as they were the perfect warm accompaniment to the cocktails we were sipping and chatting over.


Speaking of cocktails I can’t remember every one I sampled (funny what alcohol does to you!) but I do recall seething as my partner had ordered a drink that was called something like You’ve Been Hit By a Smooth Caramel before I got chance to. Oh my goodness, it tasted like melted caramel in a glass, it was just so milky and came with a brownie on the side. Guess who didn’t get a chance to eat their own brownie though? Meh heh heh.


In the end, I settled for a similiar version of the caramel cocktail with mint instead. It began tasting like an Aero bar but as I got further on down the glass, and to the very bottom of my drink, it became a combination of sugar and milk with a slight peppermint kick.

The chocolate sprinkles on top were a nice touch and it smelled pretty awesome when the drink arrived but I certainly preferred the caramel version and would happily ‘sup more of these as an after-dinner cocktail.


There’s still plenty of fruity cocktails on offer and I finished my tasting with a drink called Rum Plum Plum which isn’t pictured but the other girls we were sitting with ordered some stunning combinations and they all came well decorated as much as mine did.

I do like a bit of style with my cocktails, gone are the days of when I used to work in a bar as a teenager and would chuck two bottles of VK Blue and a double shot of port in a jug for a quick Cheeky V on a Saturday night, so a little flair always cheers me a up with a drink.

All-in-all, 29 Park Place is  a cosy little joint to gather with friends and the bar has plenty on offer for visitors with afternoon tea and cocktail masterclass sessions for up to twenty guests – and the staff are so lovely to boot.

If you fancy having a look at what they have on offer and even book an event pop over to their website just in time to sample their new and gracious cocktail menu, you will not be disappointed.

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