A Little Bit of Christmas


Today marks an exact month between now and Christmas Day so what more of excuse do I have to start publishing festive themed posts? Cardiff has had it’s Christmas market open for a couple of weeks so I dashed around it during my lunch break one time this week to snap some pictures. Oh and if you watched last weeks of episode of Doctor Who you may recognise a few pictures as the scenes shot in Cardiff where the Doctor and Clara were looking for a trap street. That deffo wasn’t central London they were walking around…



I love some of quirky things that the market has to offer from local traders. We’ve brought a few items for family from some of stalls and everytime I walk around I see something else that I think a friend or family member would enjoy.




The market has a food quarter that has been open since the rugby world cup but has undergone some tinsel renovation for the festive season with several Nutcracker soldiers lining the streets and a nativity scene.




This stall was one of the first that opened and everytime I walk buy it I have to have a closer look. This place is really photogenic and I loved snapping pictures of something I see nearly everyday on my commute.




The lights are really stunning when it gets darker but right now with my working schedule I don’t see the market open when it’s gotten dark so I miss out on seeing it all lit up. It was nice to see the lights on during a dreary day though.




You can’t have Christmas without cheese. This stall sells chutneys and wine too and we’ve gotten something for a family member from here. The cheese is so melt-in-the-mouth I always have a cheeky sample everytime. Ssssh.




I love walking through the arcades even when the lights aren’t up but as they’re on all of the time it makes even the mornings feel festive right now. The city centre is looking stunning and I’m so excited for it to get colder so I can cuddle up in a coffee shop with a good book in the warm, obvs with a white hot chocolate Costa.

How is your hometown looking this Christmas season? Are all of the lights turned on? Let me know in the comments.

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