14 Things That Annoy Me for the 14th of February

With the plethora of pregnancy symptoms I now live with on a daily basis comes a bucketload of grumpiness that I find difficult to shake. When anyone asks me how I am these days I automatically respond with mardy – which is what inspired me to write this post:

1. Having to remember how to spell ‘February’ correctly once a year, every year. Why is it so difficult?

2. When I join a group or ‘engage’ with someone new on Facebook and my feed is flooded with their content for days. I have 208 friends on my Facebook with some of them being individuals I love but don’t live near anymore and I almost hardly see their posts or updates thanks to ‘algorithms’.

3. The snowflake generation. I envision plenty of situations in my future where I will be telling people younger than to me ‘grow up’, ‘don’t take it so seriously’ and to ‘get a grip’. I raised to ‘get on with it’ so to speak yet defend myself/anything I feel that it truly wrong – yet it annoys me immensely that some of those of the younger generation have lost a sense of what really to stand up for and make a fuss about every little thing.

4. Weather that’s out of sync with the season. A sunny and frosty day in winter? Nope. An overcast day during the height of summer. Boring.

5. When owners let their dogs fowl over the paths and just don’t care about it. It happens a lot all on my street and I’ve even witnessed it in person. Not only did it wreck havoc on my morning sickness in the early days it’s causing me to dread pushing a pram down the road and right into careless dog mess.

6. People leaving a mess on the seat in public conveniences. Honestly, it’s absolutely disgusting to me and makes me gag.

7. Excuses. So, you were late for your first day of a new job the employer chose not to keep you in the role because of your tardiness? That’s life, not discrimination of your inability to keep time unless you have valid reason ie. disability/illness.

8. Brexit. There’s no more to be said on that one.

9. Changing all of my documents to my married name yet the NHS still having me down as ‘Miss’ on all of my documents even when I ask them to amend it every other week. It’s been two years.

10. Getting messages from the school last minute about a parents evening or event. I work full-time and I need more notice to go to these things yet on a good day my husband can attend, how do single parents who work full-time get on?

11. The expense of going to cinema. I remember when it cost £1.50 for a child’s ticket to see a film, now you’re lucky to get change from a twenty pound note for a family.

12. Children swearing. This was much worse when I lived in the Northeast where I was once in a Tesco’s and a seven-year-old was bombing the c-word every five minutes like it was going out of style amongst the fruit and veg. The kid had wondered off from his Mum who eventually found him and loudly called him an f-ing prick for the inconvenience of having to hunt him down. Figures.

13. Substitutions in the food shop delivery that are nowhere near what was originally ordered. If you can’t find the item just don’t pick some random thing instead and refund us the cash.

14. When you wear make up for the first time after having a cold and the foundation just sticks to the crusty dead-skin on your sore nose and ruins the entire point of wearing make up anyway.

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