The Dock Bar and Kitchen at Cardiff Bay


Contrary to what my most recent posts may lead you to believe, dear reader, I haven’t just been hiding in my house reading books – I’ve also been out and about experiencing Cardiff now the weather is that little bit warmer.

On a dreary bank holiday weekend Rick and I decided to take a trip to Cardiff Bay and shelter from the rain in a bar and restaurant we’d never been to before called The Dock.


The inside of this venue is really well decorated and reminds me of a very well done-up Wetherspoons but a quick glance over the menu told me that this was a much swankier joint and I would be getting more for my money than the standard ham, egg and chips.


After asking for our table to be cleared on a really busy afternoon we settled for a booth table under the stairs to the upper level and ordered our drinks. Never before have I had a glass of wine served in such a glass and as intriguing as the experience was it did make me feel that my ‘medium’ glass of house rosΓ© felt that little bit more like a ‘small’.



We ordered the melted camembert to share for a starter and ohmygosh – it was delicious! As the menu reads the cheese is: ‘baked with rosemary, thyme and garlic, topped with Welsh Blodyn Aur rapeseed oil and served with The Rev. James original chutney, grapes and toasted bread for dipping.’


The only negative with this dish I can give is that there wasn’t enough toasted bread for dipping. The boy and I love a baked camembert and often chuck a cheeky one in the oven as a treat on a weekend so we’re no strangers to what you can cook with them to make a sharer between two. We even have a specific dish just for baking cheeses in. No shame. Fact is, you’ve gotta have enough treats to dip before you end up just eating pure melted cheese. Maybe I just tucked in a little too quickly with the chutney instead of saving my bread for the camembert? I think this was the first ever chutney I’ve tried and liked!



Whilst I decided to be a complete clever clogs and order fish and chips (the restaurant is located right next to the water) because you know, sea – fish – chips? Nope, just me… Rick went for a summer vegetable frittata with bacon.


Both our meals were delicious although the presentation confused me when the vinegar for my dish came in a sample size spray bottle. I didn’t know if to use it to spray the vinegar on my chips or spray it on my wrists and neck. In the end the bottle was actually a really good way to pour vinegar because I usually end up putting too much on anyway.


We cleared both our plates but didn’t have any room for pudding even if the selection on offer included something called a ‘rockslide brownie’ – oh wow.


The total came to a reasonable price for such a prime location with great flavours. We’ve already said we will go again for a dinner out but I will be choosing a different place to sit this time. As cosy as our little nook was I bumped my head on the stairs when I sat down and we were so close to the door that everytime someone left it open we got a strong draft of the cold weather outside.

Nonetheless I still liked the place and want to go again just to have a drink around the bar that takes up the whole centre of the venue.


The Dock Bar and Kitchen is open all year round and has a huge selection of meals to choose from as well as drinks, you can find out more about it here.

Have you been to this restaurant? What do you think of the meals we chose to eat? Let me know in the comments.

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