Read in March

I know we’re at the beginning of May but I’m finally catching up with all of the books I’ve been reading since the beginning of this year and the good news if I’ve even got my photos snapped and ready for next month’s round-up. Aren’t I organised? As I type this we’re about to get […]

Getting Festive With Cheerz

A little while ago the lovely people at Cheerz got in contact with me and asked if I’d like to try some of their products. After a quick Twitter stalk and a wonder through their website I answered with a ‘sure, why not’ and pretty soon some of their Christmas range of items were making […]

Lush Autumnal Haul

I’ve hardly been a huge fan of Lush through the years because to be honest with you, I didn’t really ‘get’ it. Yeah I understood it was all about being against animal testing and the like but the fact that you could buy shower gel that looked like a blob of jelly and scrub some […]

May: In Reading

  Crap, crap crap. I’m really late on this post aren’t I? I was determined to get it finished by the end of June, and then July happened and now August is happening – arrrgggh. To my credit I’ve written half of this post on a couple of my many couch journeys between Leicestershire and […]

February: In Reading

  This month has been a bit unusual for reading. I somehow managed to do nothing with the majority of the month and then right at the end I somehow got my reading hat on and went full-pelt into a page-turning marathon. I blame the dreary weather and reduced working hours, oh and the small […]

Fifty Shades of Grey Film Review

  Please note that this post contains spoilers of the films ending and is a little bit x-rated… ready to continue? Okay, let’s go. Last night I decided to go and watch Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema with a friend. Now let me be honest here, I’ve read all three books in the trilogy […]

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