The 1989 Tag

So I have a little secret. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. I practically played Red until the disc wore down and now I have 1989 on a loop. In fact, I’ve even booked tickets for me and a friend to see her at Hyde Park musical festival next summer! I’m so excited and can’t […]

Table For One Please

ย The last few weeks I’ve been indulging in an activity that some of my friends have found astounding. I’ve had comments ranging from ‘you’re really brave to do that’ and to ‘I wouldn’t ever consider doing that myself’. So what is it I’ve been doing that’s caused such a stir? Well… I’ve been having meals […]

The Autumn Tag

Shamelessly nicked borrowed from Jennie of Sailboat, I saw this tag and just had to answer it to really get in the mood for autumn. 1. Okay, we’re talking coffee. What is your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero? Uuhhhhm. Okay so I’m gonna to come out with a massive confession… I don’t like coffee. […]

Too Much Time

I have a little bit of time off of work at the moment (how many times have I typed that in this blog?) so I’m enjoying the summery weather and cracking on with reading some books and pottering around the house drinking copious amounts of tea in the sunshine. The hot weather has been nice […]

A Dream-State Memory

I had a very strange dream last night as I was in and out of this world waiting for sleep to come to me. In fact is more like a long forgotten memory than a dream. My dream-memory went like this: I am a young child being held over a railing next to a waterfall […]

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