The ‘Currently’ Tag

I saw this post on Sarah’s Chapter the other day and saw it as a great opportunity to begin blogging again rather than writing just my monthly book round-ups. I miss writing about myself and what I’m up to in life so filling this out myself seemed ideal. Technically this isn’t a tag but being […]

St Fagan’s National History Museum

As a person that’s moved home quite a few times before, I have come to really enjoy exploring new areas. There’s nothing more exciting to me than planning a day where there’s new things to travel to see, experience and enjoy – and it’s even better when you have someone to share it with. Moving […]

I Met Someone And That’s Totally Okay

I know I’m pretty damn awful at keeping on top of my blog when it’s something I enjoy doing so much but this time I did actually have a legitimate excuse for complete radio silence for nearly three weeks. I met someone at Whitby Goth Weekend. I’m not one to publicise my personal life all […]

Life Just Lately

Time and time again I say I’m going to post more on my blog and then – lo and behold – I don’t. What can I say, what excuse can I give, who can I blame? Sorry, I’ve been busy/sick/lazy and no one but myself. They told me it would be real busy working in […]

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