A Day Out at Bristol Zoo

With a week off of work and plenty of time to fill for my long-awaited holiday we decided to spend atleast one day having an adventure outside of Cardiff. I’d heard about Bristol Zoo before and being as I haven’t actually been to a zoo since I was a child I was eager for a […]

Getting Festive With Cheerz

A little while ago the lovely people at Cheerz got in contact with me and asked if I’d like to try some of their products. After a quick Twitter stalk and a wonder through their website I answered with a ‘sure, why not’ and pretty soon some of their Christmas range of items were making […]

A Little Bit of Christmas

Today marks an exact month between now and Christmas Day so what more of excuse do I have to start publishing festive themed posts? Cardiff has had it’s Christmas market open for a couple of weeks so I dashed around it during my lunch break one time this week to snap some pictures. Oh and […]

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