The ‘Currently’ Tag

I saw this post on Sarah’s Chapter the other day and saw it as a great opportunity to begin blogging again rather than writing just my monthly book round-ups. I miss writing about myself and what I’m up to in life so filling this out myself seemed ideal. Technically this isn’t a tag but being […]

August: In Reading

You know how I moved house and got behind on everything? Yeah that’s totally why I’m posting about what I read in August in October… Totally not behind in anything at all, no sir. Being as I moved to Wales and started using a library I managed to zoom through these books really quickly whilst […]

July In Reading

Yup… I know it’s October (just) and I’m totally, totally behind on posting my monthly book round-ups on here but trust me, I will be caught up by the end of this month. I actually read these books in August so technically this should be in another post but hey, who cares, it’s my blog […]

June In Reading

Yes, I know it’s September already… I moved house okay – that’s my excuse *throws hands in air*. You’d think that with travelling here, there and everywhere would make cracking on with my TBR pile a hell of lot easier but for me, that really wasn’t the case. With the amount of travelling I was […]

May: In Reading

  Crap, crap crap. I’m really late on this post aren’t I? I was determined to get it finished by the end of June, and then July happened and now August is happening – arrrgggh. To my credit I’ve written half of this post on a couple of my many couch journeys between Leicestershire and […]

April: In Reading

  I’m not gonna lie, life came and slapped me on the arse just recently and I haven’t had any time to do anything. I’d just about recovered from getting home from Whitby and now have a massive backlog of books to read as I still had some editing work to finish off. It feels […]

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