Read in October

Yup, this reading round-up is a little late again this month but hey, I lead a very busy life and we had some big personal life stuff to deal with right in the middle of October which meant I didn’t do that much reading anyways but oh well… I do admit that because I’ve not been reading […]

Charity Shop Book Haul

I love a good charity shop, which is saying something because I loathed them when I was younger. My Mum used to drag me in them all of time and I would look around, thinking that a) most of them smelt funny and b) who would want to buy this second hand junk anyway? Well… […]

Read in September

I’ve been very good on my reading this month and it was perhaps helped by having a few weeks holiday off of work. For once I’ve had the time to sit down and read in the evenings instead of trying to cram a whole book in a day I’ve got spare and I’m really finding […]

August in Reading

Well, I actually did it – I finally caught up with my reading for the present month. I was so behind on blogging about my reads I was starting to get night sweats about it. Boy, am I really thankful for setting my target lower this year! It may be a little bit into September but […]

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