Beginning My Journey Into MAC Lipsticks

As big as my make-up collection is, there’s something to say about the quality of make-up I actually hoard. The truth is, I’m a serial high street and drugstore buyer of my make-up and I’ve often acted in shock at the price tag attached to come brands such as NARS, Benefit and even MAC so I […]

Keeping Fresh-Faced With DECIEM

I’m not the biggest fan of skincare and anti-ageing products but the lovely people from DECIEM got in touch with me recently and asked if I’d like to find out more about the range they have on sale. I thought that I’d never heard of them before until I really starting looking into the company and […]

Primark Beauty Swag

I’ve championed Primark for their affordable clothing for years since a branch opened in the high street of my home town. This was a time when Primark really took off in the UK and myself and all my friends at the time couldn’t get enough of the cheap t-shirts and jeans as well as underwear […]

A Zoella Beauty Haul

I’m no stranger to berating the products that bloggers put their name against in the beauty and cosmetics market and Zoella is perhaps the ultimate and most well-known of them to have released her own range of products and successfully gain a bigger audience in doing so. Not only has Zoe managed to pull young […]

Lottie London Nail Lacquers

I’m a sucker for nail polishes and have a collection that spans many different brands as well as years. I’ve had some bottles in my beauty stash since 2010! I have a bad habit of hoarding away a particular brand or shade that I’ve taken a liking to and then not using said polish for months so the […]

My Lush Sale Haul

There was a lot of drama going on in the world of Twitterdom during the Christmas holidays as many Lush fans and bloggers flocked online to get to the Boxing Day sales and were locked out of the Lush website in the process. Sadly, it looked like a lot of the stock had gone by […]

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