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I saw this post on Sarah’s Chapter the other day and saw it as a great opportunity to begin blogging again rather than writing just my monthly book round-ups. I miss writing about myself and what I’m up to in life so filling this out myself seemed ideal. Technically this isn’t a tag but being as I borrowed it from someone else, why not turn it into one?

Side note: check out my awesome house tea-light holder from Tiger. I saw this last week sometime and literally a day has not gone by since I haven’t used it and it only cost me two English pounds. I especially love how when you blow the candle out smoke blows out of the chimney of the little house… small minds ya know…

Anyway, here goes:

Planning: Not a lot at the moment, work is keeping me busy as we go into Black Friday and Christmas. The retail world goes into overdrive with preparation and us lot who work in it resign ourselves to not looking past anything but the next few weeks as footfall increases and shifts get busier. The boyfriend and I have a small trip we have to take to Scarborough in November and then I may pop down to Loughborough to see family as I won’t be home for Christmas this year – for the first year ever. All I’m thinking about is how I’m going to cook a whole Christmas dinner in our small kitchen and limited fridge space, I don’t think it’s quite sunk in that I won’t be with my parents yet, I’m sure I’ll be weeping into my apron on the day but oh well *shrug*

Making: A simple Victoria sponge-cake that was gobbled up within two days. I attempted what began as a lemon drizzle cake and ended as a lemon-icing covered disaster last week and wanted to make up for such a baking faux par when the boyfriend was away for the weekend. The cake only took half an hour to make which was ideal as I hadn’t been well all weekend and it turned out excellently, I was very proud for saying I struggle to concentrate on anything for more than ten minutes at a time at present.

Reading: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, I just finished it this afternoon and have moved onto a review copy of Not On Fire But Burning by Greg Hrbek. I’ve been working really hard to keep on top of my reading challenge now we’re so far into the year and am totally determined not to give up. I’ve been loving having such long books to read but it’ll be nice to switch to some shorter novels as I move on with my challenge.

Watching: A combination of Orphan Black, Battlestar Galactica and whatever’s on the TV at the time, like Gogglebox. The first two programmes we’ve been trying to unsuccessfully finish on Netflix but real life, and the internet, keep happening.

Stocking up on: Candles, plenty of candles. We get through one of the biggest jars of mayonnaise that Asda sell every two weeks because someone has it with everything you could possibly imagine, I think he’s been eating it straight from the jar when I’ve been at work to be frank. Anyway, I’ve been feeling awful about throwing a whole empty jar away when it could be used for so much more so I went into Primark and purchased a big pillar candle that just fit into the latest empty and it looks ideal on the bedside table. I know it’s going to burn for hours and will look amazing as it melts down.

Wishing for: Colder, wetter weather. I know that’s not a hard ask in Wales but the weather has been nothing but either dreary or crisp sunshine recently. No thanks. If it’s going to be autumn already I want it to be properly wet outside so I don’t feel so rubbish about curling up into my duvet with a massive mug of tea and not leaving the house at all.

Enjoying: Setting myself to rights. I’ve had a horrible migraine and sickness bug for a few days and it’s made me feel damn awful but given me plenty of thinking time. The only good thing about being so sick was getting so much sleep I doubt I’ll need anymore of it until next year! I missed out on doing so many things I wanted to do but if there’s anything I’ve learnt in the years I’ve worked through and continued forcing myself to go to college or work is that sometimes you just have to look after yourself and get over whatever it is that’s making you feel so crap. I feel rested, stronger and calmer than before I got sick. It’s been a very unusual experience. The randomly throwing up was awful though, me no like.

Trying: To catch up with a lot of things. I have so many things I can be doing online when I’m not working and I’ve fallen into such a bad habit of coming home and just vegetating on the sofa until bedtime. I know I’m tired and I do work really long and sometimes stressful shifts but doing nothing productive with my life can make me feel terrible. I’m making a conscious effort to do more and achieve my potential and that includes when I’m at work too. I’m enjoying my new job role because it suits me so much more but I feel like I should bring some of that productivity home with me rather than leave it at the door. It’s a difficult balance.

Eating: Baked chicken breast with pesto and tomatoes. The boyfriend saw this recipe on Facebook and begged us to try it and being as I’m somehow in charge of the weekly online food shop I agreed to order the ingredients in. Rules in this house are if you find the recipe you have to make it so I’m currently tapping away on the laptop in bed whilst he slaves away – winner.

Goal Setting: To do more? I’ve got a very vague idea of what my goals should be in my life at the moment because I’m not really looking past when our tenancy ends in March. I don’t want to achieve anything major apart from do more with my spare time, be happy, be content and just enjoy life. Oh, and maybe atleast try to pass my driving test before I turn twenty-six.

Learning: That living away from home again took up more energy than I remembered. You can’t just sit on the sofa and watch your way through what’s been recorded on the Sky box all day without getting up to do something. There’s always some chore that needs to be done even in such a small space so you might as well get on with sooner rather than later. I thought I would miss having a parent do my laundry and everything but I actually like doing those things myself again, it’s just the extra time and energy it takes to do them that winds me up a bit.

That’s it, that’s what I’m ‘currently’ up to. What have you been up to lately and what’s going on with your life at present?

I don’t have anything specific to tag to fill this out so whomever has stumbled across this post in the weird and wonderful world of the internet, if you have a blog too why not fill it out yourself and link back in the comments?

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