My 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge

I’m late to the game here but hey ho – worst things happen at sea and all that.

Every year I like to set myself up with a Goodreads Reading Challenge. I haven’t been committed to blogging about these challenged and the books I’ve gotten through for a few years however I still like to set myself a personal goal and work with it.

Last year I set my goal quite low to twenty books with the anticipation of having little time on my hands when the baby was born – and I smashed it by 110%!

Given my target was low I’m still proud of myself for setting a goal and then hitting it with everything else going in my life at the time. When my motivation was low I kept thinking about the books that have been gathering dust on my bookshelf for years and I’ve never gotten round to reading because de-cluttering is my jam.

Having a pile of books that I’ve read and then can pass onto the charity of my local GP surgery waiting room growing bigger as the weeks go on is a key motivator for me and something I want to bring into 2020.

I’ve re-set my reading challenge for this year and I’ll also be aiming to write monthly blog posts of my reads. I hope if I can start small with twenty books again then I can always increase it whenever I’m ready and smash my goals even further.

Watch this space…

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