Life Just Lately

Time and time again I say I’m going to post more on my blog and then – lo and behold – I don’t.

What can I say, what excuse can I give, who can I blame?

Sorry, I’ve been busy/sick/lazy and no one but myself.

They told me it would be real busy working in retail during Christmas and – damn – they weren’t kidding were they? From Black Friday to Boxing Day sales I doubt I even had a second to breathe between running to fetch stock, dealing with complaints and making sure the shop looked even half-way to presentable.

To make matters worse my Dad brought in the most vile cold to the house and me with my bad luck caught it right before Christmas. So, I had to deal with a drippy nose, scratchy voice and overall looking like crap in front of the public for two weeks. Oh yeah and this cold just so happened to come back at me for a second round last week.

Work is winding down and all those social obligations one has over the festive season have abated to leave me with plenty of time for reflection, productivity and positivity.

Uhhhm, hopefully I can keep those three points up for atleast a month… or maybe a week. As long as I do somethingย with all this time I have.

That’s the funny thing about having time to yourself. I mean in the past two months I hadn’t even had enough time to get my work uniform in the wash and dried in time let alone have a moment to contemplate the direction of my life. I feel like I’m on track to some massive mid-twenties life crisis where I start to question everything from my career to how I can’t seem to wear two matching socks each morning when I’m out of bed before twelve on a day off. I just haven’t had the time. Now I do have ‘the time’, all I can think about is the stuff I’ve been putting off that desperately needs doing like seeing my GP for a check-up, booking at eye appointment or even getting my passport application signed and sealed.

And to top it all off I’ve somehow managed to leave a massiveย editing project for Cogwheel Films and Gentoo completely to the last minute. Oh yeah… and I’m doing an editing favour for a friend at the same time that I forgot about. Woops.

In the meantime after failing my 52 Week Book Challenge of least year so miserably I’ve started again this year. Last time, ideally, I would’ve read a book and week and then filmed and edited a book review to go on my YouTube channel with an accompanying post on this blog to match. Realistically… yeah that ain’t gonna happen. Now I think in order to keep something going up on my YouTube every week I’m going to record and post the reviews from the books I read last year as I keep reading into this year’s pile. I haven’t even given myself a list of books I need to read this year, I’m just slowly getting through the pile of books I want to read and/or have lying around.

I’ve also been making some little tweaks to my blog layout such as adding more social media widgets from my Pinterest and Instagram. I think it makes my blog looks a bit more put-together and easier to navigate. I would put a tweet feed up as well if I wasn’t so mind-numbingly boring on there. Oh dear.

Alas I must leave the blogging world for the time being and get back to my keyboard, this project really isn’t going to edit itself.

What have you been up to lately, did you have a busy Christmas like me?

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