February (Non)Reading Round-Up


I’d love to be sitting here tapping away and gleefully update you on my February successes in my reading challenge for 2018… but I can’t.

I started January with plenty of motivation to read my way through my bookcase for this year and more importantly, plenty of time to do so. The winter months are my favourite to settle down with a good story and lose myself in a tale for an afternoon or two with my most-adored authors. I certainly have plenty of books to keep me going with my list to Tackle My TBR reaching to 50+ mark and my bookcase practically calls to me in shame every time I sit in my office these days.

But, February came upon us like steam train and my husband and I were up against a huge life-changing event that we’d been expecting since December last year.

I mentioned on Twitter that my step-daughter has come to live with us full time. I can’t and won’t go into the intricate details but we’ve been going through the UK family court systems for nearly three years for access and then towards the tail end of 2017 a judge granted my husband and I residency… which is basically a fancy way to say that we have custody of a bouncy little seven-year-old.

As you can imagine, our focus has been primarily on building a positive family home for all of us to live in as much harmony as we can muster for a little girl that’s had everything she’s ever known turned upside-down. Our cosy nights in with a good book each has been swapped for constant plays of Naiah and Elli on YouTube and arguments about which way round school trousers are meant to be worn (with the label at the back may I add).

I’m really happy to report that we’re getting there as a blended family. Rick and I have finished the occasional evening with a subtle high-five and a whisper of ‘team work makes the dream work’ once we’ve tucked the little one into bed. It’s a strange thing becoming a complete family all of a sudden but it’s not like this has been a huge shock, we’ve been mildly planning this for some time but we just didn’t really expect it to completely become a reality until we were finding a hiding place for our sweet-stash in the kitchen at 3am on a midweek night. Kids can smell sweets and chocolate on you and they will want to know where you got it from and why they can’t have some. Freaky.

But, back to the books.

Normal service is slowly resuming and it’s no surprise that my blog took a little blip in the meantime. Rick has been doing a good job of keeping up his reading schedule during our early nights when we’re both too knackered to do anything more that vegetate on the sofa and I hate to admit that he’s really putting me to shame.

I’m making my way through a book right now chapter-by-chapter when I can grab a spare moment, which can be really early in the morning when the kiddo is eating her breakfast at a snail’s pace (did I ever eat that slowly as a child?), during my lunch at work or in the dead of night when I just can’t sleep.

I’ll get there.

Watch this space for March, I’m sure I’ll be back on it.

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