Under Review: The Urban Decay Smoky Eye Palette

Call me a tad unseasonal but I do like to delve into make up palettes with colour ranges that don’t necessarily match the weather outside of my window from time to time, regardless on if the sun is shining I like to stick to dark colours – it’s a habit. Back in the day when I was first discovering make up my go-to would be a white and black eyeshadow duo from the local market stall that was usually brimming with well-known high street products that had fallen off of the back of a truck. Cheap, cheerful and one step away from Halloween face paint – I used that little white/black duo to death. Obviously, I looked awful with my incredibly dramatic eyeshadow and thick liquid eyeliner at fifteen but I honestly thought I had my gothy lookย down.

Newsflash, I didn’t look as cool as I thought I did. But then those of us who lived through the hair mascara and juicy lip balms of the nineties rarely did.

In my late twenties I still reach for darker eye looks, even if I’m a tad emotionally scarred from my past make up mistakes I still feel comfortable wearing almost to all black. I don’t have a moody attitude to scream at the world via my make up anymore but I do love the way darker eye looks make me feel: sexy, sultry and a little different from the norm. I will honestly wear a smoky eye out in the middle of afternoon and feel proud – stuff your ‘day to night’ look I’m gonna put on black and grey hues whenever I want.

As a part of my mission to own every Naked palette out there I had to add the Smoky Palette to my collection from the get-go. This is by far my favourite collection of shades and the most versatile from the Naked palettes on release today. I find that you can’t really go wrong with a smoky look, you can blend like your life depends on it and muck about with different shades from this palette and not feel like you’ve made a mess of things. I can wear my smoky look in the day with this palette by starting with a subtle look or going all out by really getting into the much darker shades if the feeling takes me. There’s more variety in this palette that one would realise due to its versatility in hues.

If you’ve owned a Naked eyeshadow palette before then you know how well the shades are chosen and paired to give you a quick route to a professional looking finish – and the Smoky palette follows this theme true to form. I really can’t say no to a good old, reliable Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and I really do hold this one in high regard against the others that I’ve amassed.

In all honesty I rarely have a negative word to say against the Naked palettes and the same can be applied to the Smoky Palette too. I’ve really enjoyed using this for a few weeks and playing around with the boldness of looks created on my eyelids for days and evenings out together – out of the entire collection I would most likely buy this on repeat as well as the Naked Heat Paletteย because I know that they both match my complexion and I feel confident using them.

I may be nearing thirty and soon to be a Mum of two but I still feel a little bit of a bad-arse wearing smoky eyeshadow outside of the house… don’t we all need a little throwback to when we felt cringey-cool in our teens?

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