Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Too Faced brand has been well-known in the blogging for a little while, and personally I’m more attuned the Sweet Peach collections above all others. For a brand that is quirky, exciting and sometimes feels a little too ‘trendy’ for a woman nearly in her thirties – I’ve spent a fair few hours browsing their collection at counters in various high-street shops to still be intrigued. Generally I find Too Faced to be a little bit of fun in a world of ‘professional’ and ‘highish-end’ make up that can occasionally feel a little bland. After all, there are only so many colours in the spectrum and once you’ve filled your stash with a foundation of browns, red, greens etc there isn’t much left to look at without automatically thinking to yourself – ‘I’ve got something similiar to that at home’.

My vanity is overflowing with brown-hued palettes already yet I had a Debenhams gift card stashed away that I was desperate to use and the Too Faced counter was calling me when I picked up the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette that day. Containing a grand total of sixteen cocoa powder-infused (because almost everything has to have a scent with Too Faced) matte and shimmer shades the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette has been sitting with my collection for quite some time so I’ve had plenty of time to dip in and out of it to give an honest review.

First and foremost – because it’s the most obvious point in front of me right now – this product stinks. I don’t mean stinks like that weird fishy smell you get from cheap manufactured Chinese finds off of Ebay and Wish, I mean it actually smells. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m overly sensitive to smell at present or something else but I can get a whiff of the chocolate-y scent of this palette nearly a mile off. Even when I’m wearing a look from this palette and I’ve had the eyeshadow applied to my skin for half an hour or so the scent still clings to me as it’s that much more fragrant than the peach-scented pans I’ve used for months previously.

In all honesty, I know the scent is a ‘feature’ that makes Too Faced a tad more exciting against others but it kind of grates on me by taking me back to my years as a teenager slathering my lips with fruity-flavoured gloss that came free with Mizz magazine and is the only thing that makes me feel a bit ‘too old’ to play with this make up. I’ve been sitting here composing this post of my thoughts with the pans to look at and swatch as I type and I’ve honestly had to close the lid a handful of times to stop the smell… but I really do think that for today it’s my mad pregnancy-powered smell and hormones that’s agitating the cocoa-powder mixed with the product.

Nonetheless, a sicky-scent I can get over because it’s gone within an hour maximum and what I’m really here for is the colours.

I mentioned that I’d already got a stash of brown-focused palettes at home so buying into yet another brown/chocolate collection would appear like a waste of space to some but seeing is to believing when you lift the lid on this selection of shades. I’ve used this palette quite a few times for different looks and the range of colours to choose from always excites me – I mean there’s even a periwinkle blue/purple staring at you in there amongst the browns, the shimmers and the pinks.

My favourite shade is Cherry Cordial as it’s a deep red with a brown foundation to it that really helps dramatise the outer corner of an eye – you can really turn up a smoky look without going mad with blacks and dark greys as per usual. A smoky eye doesn’t always have to be black, but it can be dark and sultry with a good base tone like this burgundy/brown combo. There’s absolutely plenty to like about this palette and it’s not one to overlook simply because of the different colours that have been added to it for adding some creativity and style to an eyeshadow look.

I will state that this is a palette that some could shy away from just because of its eclectic collection, however the inserts with suggested combinations that Too Faced put into each of their palettes will help you there. If you’re feeling a little dangerous one day then spatter on a bit of Candied Violet or maybe have a bit of a play with Strawberry Bon Bon but don’t forget that the staple browns in this chocolate-themed palette are still there from Haute Chocolate to Triple Fudge to ease you in. Or… you could just stick only with the browns and chuck them on in five minutes if you’re running late for something which is usually – hands up – me.

Overall this is a palette I’m happy that I decided to buy. I like the collection because it’s different and not quite the same as what I own already. Too Faced formulas are usually good, even with a fair bit of fall-out, so I knew that I could trust what I was using wasn’t going to fall apart before lunchtime. As I said, the smell I can get over so this has a become an eyeshadow palette I’m pretty chuffed that I spent my dosh on to be fair. It gains a satisfied nod from me.

Have you purchased this palette yourself? What do you think of Too Faced as brand? Let me know in the comments.

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