The Makeup Revolution Beauty Chest: Ten Months In

Ya know, I got this Makeup Revolution Chest last Christmas for God’s sake but I was so busy with just life that I completely forgot to write up my review of this bargain. Honestly, so much time has passed I could’ve baked a baby and birthed it in the time I’ve been neglecting this post!

I sorted out all of my make up by type, size and usability the other week and as I was reaching for a highlighter the other day my hand brushed over a palette from this collection and I just started thinking about my use of it and how it’s fit so well into my routine. Let me tell you, none of the palettes look as good as they did when brand new because they’ve been banging around my make up bag for months on end but I do use some of them on the regular.

Then I got to thinking… exactly how long have I owned the bits of this collection for? And what’s survived the test of time?


So what’s this treasure trove of make up all about? Released for Christmas last year and raved about during a This Morning piece on budget beauty this cracker was going for about £30 for the entire lot from Superdrug and it was snapped up within days of being on sale. Being the lucky bugger I am, my husband (fiancee at the time!) had me one of these wrapped up and under the Christmas tree before the big day and I was completely surprised when I opened it because I wasn’t expecting something so thoughtful. I’m still in love with design of the box and I’ve kept it to this day, albeit a little dusty, because it now holds all of my little blogging accessories for photos.

The contents of this box? Eeeeh, not so much in love. Although I can confidently say that I’ve kept everything that came inside apart from the brushes (because… who needs mini brushes, really?), I can’t say I use or enjoy them every time I do a face full of make up.


The packaging of this box, although perfectly fitting for each ‘section’ of one’s make up routine is a complete waste of space in some aspects because the priming base and fixing spray are only average sized bottles. You could feel a little cheesed off that prime make up retail space has been taken up by filler but it’s not like it matters anyway, this chest covers all bases of a look so there’s not much else you could really fit in there.

You could totally call this a starter pack for almost anyone who’s wanting to get into their make up or someone who needs some serious filler to their collection. Personally, I would gift this to someone who’s a little bit of a newbie (maybe young or old) and wants to start off somewhere without feeling utterly swamped in Boots or Superdrug with choice. Beauty bloggers and vloggers talk all day about highlighters, concealers and baking so it’s seriously hard to know where to start without feeling like you have to remortgage your house to afford it all but this collection came with it all from base to finishing and even some mini tools for your handbag as well – stellar!


Makeup Revolution is one of those brands that I’d come across before as serious bargain beauty – they produce many dupes of popular collections out there on the high street so it was no surprise that this chest comes bursting with two spookily similiar eyeshadow palettes in neutral colours.

I’ve used these a handful of times before I got my hands on the real McCoy and only two, or at a push, three spoke to me. There’s a strong red/pink in one of the palettes that helps an eye look pop for me but apart from that these are just serious space-hoggers in my vanity and not worth the time of day when you can invest in something decent instead. The pigment on some of the neutrals is awful as well and even though there’s plenty to choose from and blend to your heart’s content it’s just a mash of the same old boring colour spectrum without much fun or stay on the decent shades. Blah.

In all honesty if I didn’t have my Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes to use I would be mucking about with these all day instead. There’s enough of a range of colours in there to play with but I’ve hardly used them – even if the shimmery shades are good enough to last a whole day with primer – which they are.


The products I probably use the most are the Aqua Priming Base and the HD Pro Brows palette. I love to use the brow palette so much actually that the plastic cover is nearly smashed to bits and I’m pretty devastated about it. I’m the sort of girl that likes to change her eyebrow game up a bit as I go along with learning how to get my eyebrow tails on point each day. On some days I like them light, on other days I like them super strong. Thankfully I’m a natural brunette that can get away with both so the choice in this palette is right up my street. Out of the whole chest this is probably my most used and most versatile bit of make up kit and I’m considering buying it again when this becomes unusable as the wax and powders are just good enough for everyday wear.

But, do the eyebrow palettes formulas have staying power? Yes and no. I find it all depends on what sort of game I’m going for that day and what I use in combination. I’ve been using a variety of eyebrow mascaras recently and they’ve really helped to set my brows in place after applying wax and shadow from this palette, but without a top coat the product does seem to be swear off or displace over time.


Now, onto what I perhaps use the least of this loot and it has to be the strobe palette. Oh, how I wish I loved this strobe palette but I’ve found that creamy highlighters just don’t get on with my skin. I have pores the size of craters that like to suck up primer and foundation in a heartbeat so the creamy texture of each shade just get sucked right up in there and tends to pucker after a couple of hours.

The colour range is decent if a little little similiar in hue but I suppose it’s meant to be suited for different skin types. The blusher palette on the other hand is something that has become a well-used and a much-loved part of my make up hoard as it’s great for dipping in and out of for different tones.


Overall I’ve enjoyed getting right into this chest and I’m pleased to say that I’ve used every piece of it from the brushes (if only for a short while) to the setting spray. I’ll be repurchasing a few of the selection but not all because there’s been a few items I’ve absolutely loved and I’ll definitely be sniffing around the Make Up Revolution stand more often in future.

Have you used anything in this chest? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

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