The Jo Malone Fragrance Dupe for A Fraction of the Price

Each year when Santa comes rolling around town my family and friends tend to gift me a handful of perfumes that do me for the year scent-wise. I’ve never been the sort of girl that loves a strong perfume and truth be told I’ve hardly ever been interested. Sure, when I was younger my friends and I used to spray our favourite male scents onto those free cardboard strips you get from Boots and dream of our future boyfriends and his perfect musk – but that was as about as far as it went with my interest in perfumes and spritzes; and that still rings true to this day.

My Mum is into her perfumes more than I am and lives by a bottle of whatever expensive plonk is ‘in’ at the time – last year it was Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium – but I just see that whole area of a shop like Boots or The Fragrance Shop as a big old pile of cash I’d rather spend on something else. No word of a lie, I’m the biggest tight arse you’ll ever meet for saying I have such a tasty make up collection in my office but any liquid in a bottle that you can sweat off in a matter of minutes completely turns me off.


So, as an avid bargain hunter I love a good sniff around Primark every now and again. No, I don’t hang about with my nose in air around the new knickers or anything like that, I mean I tend to send my sniffer over to the perfumes they have in when I get chance as they’re usually decent for a good price. Sadly, with moving to a smaller town the selection that my local branch has in now just doesn’t cut it so I took to the internet to recommend me something worth a trip over to the next city – and I was not disappointed.

Honestly, I’ve never had the experience of buying a Jo Malone perfume before but I know the name of a luxury brand when I see one so when a Facebook group dedicated to beauty finds caught my eye with this steal I just couldn’t say no, especially as I so happened to be in the market for a new perfume or two. Apparently the whole range is a rare gem in a world of really sickly and cheap smells found on the high street and I was tempted by a few of them because it’s not just perfumes on offer, there’s diffusers and all sorts available to choose from and they’re all nearly exact dupes of the more expensive Jo Malone scents.


I chose the highly recommended Pomegranate and Tea Tree Eu De Parfum for the eye-watering sum of £8 because as soon as I gave it a spritz in the shop I was in the love. What interests me is how multi-layered this perfume is as it starts with an initial sweetness and then gradually transforms into a spicy and wooden texture. Seriously, I’ve never been this excited about a perfume and especially as it was so friendly on my purse.

Do I think it’s a real Jo Malone dupe? Well, I’m hardly an expert for saying I’ve never owned a bottle or worn a perfume for a period of time but I did get the chance to spritz a tester later that day in another shop and I felt that the Primark version has certainly captured the essence of this higher-costing brand. Overall this is a decent staple in a budget fragrance collection for anyone who wants to feel that little bit more luxurious on the day to day without feeling like they’ve broken the bank to get it.

Have you seen this perfume dupe reported on in the news? Or have you seen others suggest it online or had people suggest it to you in person? Let me know in the comments.

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