Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser

It’s hardly a deadly secret that my skincare routine doesn’t exist. I’ve always had pretty decent skin with the occasional breakout so I don’t need to keep on top of my skincare to keep it looking fresh. I did have a brief affair with a bought of acne in my teenage years of which the mini-pill took care of so I didn’t start early when it came to looking out for my skin and I still haven’t started to be honest with you.

With having such an interest in make up and all things beauty related it’s quite difficult not to pay some sort of attention the plethora of skin-products available on the market. For me however, I’m not one to spend a pretty penny on anything skincare-related so I like to keep it cheap and cheerful as much as I can.


I was recommended the Superdrug Naturally Radiant range a few weeks ago and as I’d recently picked one of those Lacura Nip + Fab cleansing pad dupes from Aldi (post TBC on those little purse-friendly golden nuggets) I was in a bit of a skincare buying binge anyway when I chucked the Hot Cloth Face Cleanser in my basket and through the till. Taking up a whole section in my local shop – I love a product that looks smart and the packaging on all of the products within Superdrug’s bargain skincare range look sophisticated enough to seem like they’re more expensive. Perfect for a cheapo-grotbag like me.

This cleansing lotion and muslin cloth is meant to be used to compliment a skincare routine so I’ve been using it the last thing before I tuck myself into bed for the night and it feels utterly divine – even without doing all extra toning and moisturising I’m meant to do. This cleanser is full to the brim with extracts from lots of fruitful plants such as Kiwi fruit and Mulberry with a splash of Cocoa Butter for good measure and it slathers on the skin like nothing else. I love how it feels on my checks because they get a good old wash using this and then I wet the cloth under a hot tap and place it on my face to wipe off the excess – beautiful. You’d think I’d be mad in the hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately to spend ten minutes under a warm cloth, but I promise you it’s oh so relaxing.


For less than a fiver I can’t really knock this cleanser and hot cloth combo when I daren’t go anywhere near the cost of Liz Earle route and Superdrug tend to have three for two deals on a lot of the time so it’s still affordable to keep stocking up when I run low. The only bloody annoying thing about this cleanser is that now my husband’s got wind of it I’m running out of product for my hot cloth at a ridiculously fast rate, typical!

The next £2.95 for a new bottle is totally on him.

Have you tried this cleanser? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

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