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With a wedding to pay for, we live a mostly frugal way of life in this house so I don’t often have the spare pennies lying around to spend big on freshening up my make up bag. I’m a big fan of blogs like A Thrifty Mrs (although sadly it hasn’t been updated in a while) because these people are champions of only spending a little, not a lot when you don’t need to.

I recently went hauling for some bits to add to my everyday make up and I found some real bargains out there that inspired this post and I surprised myself with some of the products I picked up for as little only a pound!


First up in my budget buys is something I actually got for free so it’s kind of a cheat for this post but never mind and that’s the Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution. My partner gets O2 priority so he loves to surprise me with little hair and beauty treats – usually whilst I’m at work – and he gifted me this bottle last week. I talked about in my Simple Skincare Routine post how I love my Garnier Micellar water and have had that one bottle going for months so I’ve now stashed this Boots version away for a rainy day (ie when my fave runs out). A 250ml bottle is usually about £2.24 which is cheap as chips anyway and you even can use this as a multi-use product so winner winner. I’ve used this a couple of times and it feels really light on my skin and a total bargain to boot.


I’m always on the hunt for a decent lip product because I tend to bulk buy lipsticks in bright colours and some muted tones so I end up only wearing those on nights out which are quite few and far between at the moment. I’ve been using a Kardashian Beauty slim lipstick for yonks and it’s about time it saw the bottom of my kitchen bin so when I spotted these lip butter sticks I felt like I was onto a winner. The Collection Matt Lip Butters are around about £3.00 each and I loved the first one I picked up so much I went back and got the other two – one of which has since fallen down the back of my chest of drawers never to see the light of day again but hey ho. I wear the most muted shade near enough every day at work even if it doesn’t have the best staying power it still hydrates my lips just like a lip balm.


Are you ready for the bargain of the century? I paid only one English pound for this Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette in Poundworld of all places! It’s been a little secret I’ve kept to myself for a while now that if you have a good hunt around in some of the bigger pound shops you can pick up a high street make up brand item for a right steal if you can look past some of the most vulgar shades of nail varnish no one wants on the rack. I saw this palette and had to have it, next thing I knew I was marching to the tills and breaking a tenner. I use this constantly because it saves me carrying a blusher around in my make up back – the eyeshadows aren’t as pigmented as I’d like but Hell – it’s only cost me one pound!


I was on the hunt for a compact brow product the other weekend and I came across this Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit at the Rimmel London stand and to be honest, I only brought it because it was the right size. It only cost about £3.99. I don’t get on with the wax and powder that well but then I’m a complete novice when it comes to doing my brows anyway. I still like using this and it does look damn cute, even if I’m terrified I’m going to loose the spoolie thing eventually.


Errrm how long have I had this eyeshadow base for? Forever! The W7 Get Set Eyeshadow Base in white retails for over a fiver on their official website but I only paid £2 on a market stall. I don’t use this too often but when I do I’m amazed by what I can do with it. This has been the base to some of my favourite eye looks this summer because it can really make a colour pop and now gone are the days of slathering Vaseline on my lids to make eyeshadows stay put. If you want something to take you from summer to autumn then invest in a good eyelid base or spend naff all like me and only use it when you fancy a more put-together full face – you don’t have to spend pounds for the staples in your make up collection.

I’ve just realised in this post that I don’t have a close-up shot of the eyebrow pencil I’ve brought as well, silly me. It’s the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil for £2.99. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it stays put practically all day and the tone I picked up is a dead-on match for my brows too. I think I’ll be re-buying this when it runs out as I prefer just a basic pencil for precision to any other more liquid brow products.

Have you been on a budget buying binge recently? Do you use any of the products in this post and what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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