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As talked about many times in this blog before, I am a big fan of Seventeen cosmetics. I can’t place my finger on another high street own brand that hits the mark on fashionable make-up items as well as quality for a very decent price. Recently, Seventeen were showing off some of their award winning products and I just had to get involved, especially as we go further into October and the bronzers are still out in force to keep us all glowing.

I reviewed some of my summertime favourite pieces in this post but as we make our way into autumn I wanted to feature some of the other bits the brand has on offer, and this had to start with the The Big Smoke Eye Palette.


I use my Sleek Makeup Eye and Cheek Palette on a regular basis because it fits into my make-up bag so well, but I started using this palette for it’s eyelid primer and decided to swap them out for a week and I was very pleased with the change. This palette holds a range of what I would call ‘soft’ colours in the pinks and peaches but then also holds some great ‘nighttime’ shades too. I’ve been using this exclusively for the cream shadows with the included primer underneath and even though I’ve felt like I’ve been transported back to the 90s with glittery inner corners of my eyes each morning – the change of texture feels oh so refreshing.

In short, I’ve added this palette to my daily routine and I really don’t regret it. There’s something for most occasions in this piece and I’ve had plenty of fun using the colours to create a badass smoky eye when I’ve stopped fiddling with the creams. A new favourite and something that is thin enough to slide into my bag and fits better than it’s Sleek predecessor, I love this as much as I loved it’s twin sister Birthday Suit.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’ve never used bronzing rocks before so I was a little reluctant to give the Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks a go. I don’t generally contour in my daily make-up regime anyway because a) I’m a big wuss when it comes to trying something new and leaving the house and b) I don’t think it really adds to my face shape when I’ve tried it before.

For the sake being a decent beauty blogger and giving these products their worth I did try these bronzing rocks and, if a little reluctant at first, did get on with using them quite well. Apart from giving a soft glow to face when blended because of the mix of brown and pink rocks in the pot, I was loving this product as soon as I received it because it just looked so premium.

When you’re spending a little rather than a lot on an item of make-up you want it to look good atleast. I know that sometimes one can overlook pretty packaging for things like the holy grail of liquid eyeliner that is the Collection 2000 liner in black – because for £2.99 who gives a hoot – but this Seventeen bronzer pot just feels so expensive. I really like how big it is in my palm and how the lid clicks into place when screwed on, and better yet I feel like a make-up pro having it sit on my dresser.


The last product I used was the Instant Glow Tan Cream Bronzer and I obviously didn’t read the packaging properly because when I popped my finger on this to swatch it I was not expecting it to be a cream. I’ve never even used any type of liquid or cream bronzer at all as I’ve been quite wary of them (I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a wuss) and anything that I can’t subtly cover with a dusting of face powder if I fluff it up screams danger to me.


Once I’d cracked this out and tried to take some photos of it that weren’t out of focus (long story, my camera is a little bit broken at the moment) I gave a little contouring a go and this cream product was not bad actually. The benefit of this cream bronzer is that it isn’t too strong when you only use a little and it can be blended just like powder, so there’s no worry of looking like a clown by accident.

Again the packaging feels lovely and not cheap so plopping this into my everyday make-up bag doesn’t feel like a big ask – especially as it goes very nicely with my Instant Glow Shimmer Brick that I’ve been using for ages as a blusher and can finally break out as a highlighter too. Of course, having a few products of the ‘Instant Glow’ edition makes me feel all together like a proper grown-up too.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of Seventeen cosmetics? Let me know in the comments.

This post contains a press sample or gifted item – read here for further information.

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