Spectrum 10 Piece Essential Brush Set in Pink

The time has come ladies and gents, the time to talk about the one and only mega-bargain I grabbed myself during last year’s Black Friday sales. But Black Friday was so 2017 you say? Well… I wanted to a) get a really good use out of these brushes before I yammered on about them for a post and b) they were so damn dirty by the time I actually wanted to have a chat about them that I struggled to find the time or motivation to clean them in prep for photos. Yup.

I ordered these brushes in a jiffy when I saw them shared on someone’s Twitter for a grand total of twenty quid during the sales – they were mine before I’d even logged into my online banking. Right now they’ve crept up in price but they’re still in stock on the Boots website for £39.99. I say you should keep an eye out for if they drop down again because these brushes are worth splurging on to bulk out your collection. There’s a decent collection from some eyeshadow blending brushes to face powder brush and they’re a fantastic staple to build from.

You must think I’m a little bit mad for ordering more make up brushes when I’d just received delivery of a cheap set from Amazon. I can’t help it, I have a problem with collecting shiny make up things and besides, I’ve wanted to own more Spectrum brushes since I received a fan brush in one of my first Glossyboxes. It’s been nice to see that as soon as I opened up my delivery of this pink set that they matched perfectly with the fan brush I already owned, like it was part of set. You couldn’t really tell it was a separate buy in my photos.

When I lived in Cardiff I missed out on a Spectrum blogger event and I was pretty much gutted for a good few weeks about it. All of my blogger friends had swagged themselves some shiny and colourful brushes from this vegan-friendly brand I’d been hearing a buzz about. I was just a little bit bitter – especially because every time I walked to work in the mornings there was huge video sign above St David’s Hall showing their unicorn and mermaid collections – ugh.

Anyways, since I’d primarily ordered only eyeshadow and blending brushes from Amazon I felt like I needed to fill in my face and powder brushes and once these came up I was in there. As soon as I’d had an e-mail confirming delivery I was planning picking these up from my local Boots and then spending all afternoon applying my favourite make up products and testing them out. Well, I did spend a lot of my time feeling how soft they were and playing a little with some foundations and powders at home… and then I mixed them with the rest of my brushes and let them naturally fall into use with my everyday make routine instead of keeping them separated.

I find the best way to try out something is to put it at the top of a pile or leave it close by to what you use on a regular basis, and then you start to realise the brush, foundation or eyeshadow that you subconsciously prefer to use everyday. Because I’d been privy to the buzz about Spectrum I really wanted to give these brushes a fair go, and I’m happy to report that they’re perhaps one of my favourite purchases in the last few months and I’ve been using some of them the most out of my entire stash.

My most-used has to be the eyebrow brush, and you can probably tell because it’s a little bit stained even after being washed thoroughly. I like a small and fine brush to do my eyebrows with and then I will occasionally use a thicker eyebrow brush for concealer below my eyebrow – and I’ve got plenty of those. Do you know how difficult it is to find a very fine eyebrow brush? Ridiculously so! I use the Spectrum one every day now and it’s just the right level of precise for me – and better yet it doesn’t even shed.

None of the brushes in this set have shed at all. They didn’t smell funny or anything either which can sometimes happen with new brushes, they tend to smell like plastic for a little while or fishy if you buy the cheap ones online. They pick up product easily and the variety of shapes of the smaller ones in this collection have been very useful in perfecting an eyeshadow blend or sometimes trying to get a cover-up to sit just right on my skin.

I’ve used the small angled blush (A05) for applying my bronzer rather than blusher and it does a really good job of helping to blend out the colour and frame my face. I’ve been a bit scared of using bronzer in the past as I have such pale skin but since I’ve swapped to using Benefit’s Hoola Lite Bronzer I’ve been a bit more liberal in my use and this brush totally helps to build the colour without causing stress. Some brushes will pick up the product and almost pack it on the skin and then I have to panic-blend and layer with matte powder to calm it down but this one is so soft on it’s pick up and holding of the bronzer powder that it’s a more easing experience to use and experiment with.

Overall I’m kinda chuffed with these brushes. I feel happy whenever I see their bright blue tips on my vanity and using them feels lovely over my cheaper ones because I know they’re cruelty free. My one and only negative is that they can stain over time but that’s most likely more prominent with mine because I took so long to clean them, I’m sure that if I’d looked after these a little more and cleaned them every other week at the beginning then they wouldn’t have stained so badly.

I didn’t know until I was reading up for this post that the company is actually Welsh! I love supporting business from the UK – and I especially feel like I wanted to chip in a little because I remember reading that they had a fire at their warehouse last summer *sad face*.

Do you own any of these brushes? Or do you have any of the other Spectrum collections? Let me know in the comments.

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