Six Primark Budget-Beauty Bargains For Winter

My highstreet babe Primark are no strangers to a cracking beauty range and they’ve had a stake in the budget beauty market for a good while now. Their range is forever expanding and I’m finding myself spending more and more time in the beauty sections, especially when I’m sneakily sheltering from the crappy weather outside. In the smaller stores I remember how you would be lucky to come across a decent nail varnish selection whereas now whole areas of the shop are devoted to affordable makeup brushes, lipsticks and mascaras.

It took me a long time to come round to the idea of Primark having products of real worth when it comes to makeup but I’ve experienced them release some beautiful budget eyeshadow palettes over time, such as a gorgeous peach palette that was just right for the summer. Of course, there’s also the formulas on those matte liquid lipsticks that deserve a mention because I’m not always stocking up on the different shades whenever I get chance.

I’ve written before of my beauty finds in shops and after bagging myself some interesting new products (sans liquid lipsticks unfortunately) to bulk up my makeup stash into the winter, I thought it apt to update my experiences and bargain buys:


Makeup Brush Colour Sweeper

I don’t know about you, but my makeup brushes are forever filthy. Whenever I’m watching makeup tutorials on YT and the person’s like: ‘now blend out with a clean brush’ I cackle at the screen in front of me – like where am I going to get a clean brush at such short notice? Do you honestly think I’m sort the girl, lying here under my duvet in the dead of night, watching a videos on the internet of other girls in their bedrooms sharing their makeup tips with clean makeup brushes to hand to replicate what I see?

Hah. Nope.

A shadow swiping sponge like this is practically the perfect vanity accessory for someone as lazy as I am. Every time I go on a cosmetic buying binge on Amazon I put this Fflemon Shadow Brush Colour Remover Sponge in my basket, and then remove it because I can’t bring myself to spend over a fiver for a sponge in a tin – so I was very happy to spot Primark’s version for a purse-friendly two quid instead.

I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s surely done the job. It’s easily replaced having dark eyeshadow streaks down my arms from when I’ve been trying to get at all the leftover dark powder from my favourite blending brush, so it’s atleast saved me a handful of makeup remover wipes in cost. There’s not much more to discuss about this really, it’s still a sponge in a tin but it’s far more affordable than everything else I’ve seen and it helps keep the colour bleed at bay when I really can’t be arsed to wash and dry my makeup brushes on the regular.

Primer Water

I’d been working my way through a bottle of Makeup Revolution‘s primer water since Christmas last year for a quick spritz rather than applying foundation straight the way and when it finally ran out I was on the hunt for something convenient to replace it. I wanted to try a different brand of primer water and see how it fared and this seemed to fit the bill.

I spray this liberally on my face before applying my base layers such as concealer or even go straight in with the foundation, and so far it’s been a decent replacement. I’m still not 100% convinced this isn’t just a bottle of tap water I’ve parted with my cash for when I spray it because it feels so light, but that’s probably because it’s silicone free.

This is a decent, and lighter, way to apply primer instead of the heavy-duty ones I tend to use for times when my combination skin is driving me up the wall. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter the quality of the product you put on top of this because it still lasts the day which is a positive in my book.

Bonus for how cold and refreshing this spray is in first thing in the morning too, my house really feels the cold in the winter mornings and I’ve found that this bottle comes perfectly chilled for application to help wake me up – winning.


Mattifying Blotting Paper

This is, by far, the product I’ve struggled to get on with the most. I don’t often suffer from an oily face but I’ve seen blotting sheets around for ages and I’ve always wanted to try them, even if I didn’t need to use them. I popped these in my basket when I was on a buying binge with a strong sense of ‘why the fuck not’ and the packet has been sitting in my vanity for weeks.

This product is meant to be handbag sized or atleast compact enough to carry around with you, but let me tell you that if this simple cardboard box can get squashed sitting at home with the rest of my makeup it wouldn’t survive for five minutes in my actual handbag. For a cheap attempt at something you can get in a sturdier packet these blotting sheets are a good find – but they’re really not for me. The non-greasy feel of them alone reminds of that toilet roll you used to get in seaside public loos that my grandma would call ‘skid-paper’ – not pleasant.

Makeup Remover Cloth

I haven’t been a fan of the makeup remover cloth trend of the summer but I wanted to try one of these to really see if it could remove all of my makeup in one swipe, and it does. I thought this was some sort of miracle cloth until someone so graciously pointed out to me that a pack of microfibre cloths do the same job for a fraction of the price. Well, for £1.50 I don’t really think a multipack of kitchen cloths could really make me feel like I’d made a bumper saving on my pennies but the principle is still the same.

I was really getting sick of either using micellar water that can sometimes make my eyes sting or using makeup wipes that left my skin ‘scented’ as I rolled into bed so using this cloth feels a lot more ‘natural’ on my skin as well as incredibly gentle. I can confirm that it even works the same after going through the wash and feels lovely on your face when run under a steaming hot tap.

The fibres in this cloth work by pulling away at the makeup on your face and wiping it clean of all product by absorbing it, there’s no vigorous scrubbing or rubbing needed. I was so impressed that I actually went back and got a second one of these so I have two on rotation, now I always have one sitting by the sink in my bathroom and to hand whenever needed.


Chick Flick White Liquid Eyeliner

I’d meant to pick up a black liquid eyeliner pen but I came out with this instead, and I hadn’t realised until I’d gotten home. It was doubtful I was going to bother to return this so I’ve stashed the eyeliner pen away with my others, but I can report that it’s been a decent product for when I’ve wanted something different every now and again.

I’ve applied liquid eyeliner to my lids nearly everyday since I was fourteen so you could call me some sort of a veteran when it comes to getting those even flicks. I will always have my go-to Collection black liner in my stash but sometimes I like to change it up a bit and eyeliner felt pens are what I tend to play around with the most. The colour on this is very strong for a white liquid liner and it stands out very well above pigmented eyeshadows when applied – I haven’t had to use more that two coats at a time.

No one likes a ‘novelty’ makeup buy that they try and never use again so I’m always cautious of trying glitter liners and the like so I wouldn’t have bothered to buy this if I’d have known what it was – but – call me impressed. I won’t be gifting this or chucking it away until it’s used up or dried up because it’s a very decent liquid eyeliner on it’s own.


Perfect Finish Foundation

Let me tell you about this foundation, I’ve been using it for weeks and it still hasn’t let me down since the moment I first gave it a try. This bottle cost me only £2.50 and I still can’t believe that it’s still going weeks later. There were bigger tubes available at the time but I was unsure about how my skin would match against the shades on offer but I would consider only buying this sample size again instead, it’s lasted my longer then other and more expensive brands.

I’ve tried cheap foundation before and it can feel so horrible on the skin that I’d sworn never to venture down that road again. However, my interested was piqued by the shade selection available and I’d also read a couple of positive things about this foundation online so I was willing to give it a shot. I wasn’t expecting much and I’m still not a fan of how wet and slippery the formula is but for such a small prize for a filler product it’s quite difficult to complain with hand on heart.

The first couple of occasions I wore this out I noticed how light the shade was against my neck but with a little more blending it wasn’t very noticeable and I found that the coverage had lasted right into the evening – tickle me surprised! I use this every other day when I need a quick fix of foundation because it’s so easy to blend and it doesn’t dry at lightening fast speeds like other products I have in my collection do. A decent matte powder of the top seals this in spectacularly and effectively stops any bleed onto clothes (or glasses lenses!) as well so I find myself reaching for this more and more.

I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the makeup buys on offer by Primark really and I honestly think that the chain is becoming a go-to for stocking up on the essentials as you’re grabbing that bargain dress, jumper or handbag.

Have you purchased any of the beauty products from Primark recently? Have you tried any of these items? Let me know in the comments.

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