Seventeen Make-Up Summer Faves

As I type this I sit in a Starbucks waiting for my bus home after quite possibly the longest working week I’ve had so far behind me and the internet is – let’s be honest – crap. I have a weekend ahead of me that whilst a) I know will be a lot of fun spending time with some really special people but b) full of slow public internet connections that are the worst for blogging. Bugger.

Even so, I feel a little swell of pride in myself because this week I’ve made special effort to wear a full face of make-up (including eyebrows) to work and it’s all thanks to one of my new favourite make-up products from my all-time high street brand – Seventeen.


I’ve been raving about Seventeen since day dot and I won’t be shutting up about the brand anytime soon so when I spotted a network dedicated to bloggers I was in there ASAP requesting some samples and pretty soon I had two great products through my door to try and I decided to mix them up with an old favourite for a small summer mix of products to discuss.

Please note I don’t have a close-up of my Phwoarr Paint that costs about £5.49 in shops because I’ve had this pot for over six months, it gets used almost everyday and it’s damn disgusting in there thanks to my bad habits. Shame, shame. I cannot stress enough how awesome this under-eye concealer is from it’s texture to it’s staying power – I truly love this and will forever repurchase.


First-up was the Skin WOW Concealer at £4.99. I’ve actually seen this product ‘in the flesh’ and the testers I’ve seen in shops have really put me off if I’m being brutal about it. The brush of the product basically fills with concealer that you can apply straight to skin and is much like having a spare make-up brush just for application hanging around that doesn’t get dirty. I have the worst make up bag habits of anyone I know and picking out those smaller brushes to cover blemishes can be a nightmare because they’re usually covered in the dregs of whatever is at the bottom of my case so I’m probably doing more harm than good to those spots when I cover them.

This concealer however was quite a God-send because it has it’s own cap and supply of product without having to drag out something else from your bag to put your face on. This is definitely a product you shouldn’t be sharing with your mates because the brush can stay moist as it’s always loaded with product – which is what put me off the testers in the shop – but it’s so worthwhile for on the go concealing without any faff.


Second to try was the Easy on the Eye Palette in Birthday Suit at £7.99. I’ve been living out of a night-time smoky-eye palette from Primark for the best part of a year when I want make up on the go since my Rimmel London quad died a death in an Ikea carpark smash last year and I haven’t found a replacement I’m happy with since. I like dark colours but they really don’t for day wear everyday so receiving this palette was pretty damn amazing because it was exactly what I was looking for!

I really love the colours in this palette, especially the slightly golden hue because it’s a shade that is usually lacking in a lot of nude palettes and sometimes you still want to create depth on your eyelids without going all Urban Decay Naked on that shizz. I’ve been using this quite a lot since I got it because it’s a great palette to pack in my bag especially as it has some cream shadows in there too as well as eyelid primer. You get a lot of value for money with this palette and I already have my eye out for the night-time version because God knows my Primark old-favourite is way past it’s uses.

Have you used any the products mentioned in this post? Have you seen this brand in stores? Let me know in the comments.

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