Reviewing the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette (Finally!)

Eeek… I’ve had this post sitting in the drafts in my dashboard from way back last year. I’ve been absolutely awful on getting my thoughts down about this palette. It doesn’t help that when we moved I thought I’d lost it when we were packing and then I miraculously found it it again hiding in a box with the kitchen utensils – how?

This was my first ever Urban Decay buy and now I’m a total convert. Although the Naked Heat is my favourite palette by miles I still love when I get the opportunity to crack this out and go to town with the colours. In fact, I rocked the blues in this set on my hen do and I felt fucking fabulous thank you very much! I was also completely wasted when I rolled in at 3am with my soon to be sister-in-law but my eyelids were still shining bright with colour over my blotchy, drunk face.

I initially chose to buy the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette because I felt like it was a good basis for an entire collection. I’ve primarily owned small two or three pan eyeshadow palettes in the past and thrown them out once they’d broken or been used up, I just had to make a change with my first major purchase.

I was in love when I first took this palette home because it was so big and bulky enough to feel like my money had gone into something worthwhile. The plastic casing was of high quality and you can see from the photos that it’s lasted well in storage. Each time I open this up I feel a little wow factor jump out because the colours are so bright and bold. As you can perhaps tell, I’ve hardly used it and it looks brand new, if a little dusty.

Fact is, I hardly have a use for so many bright colours. I will sometimes dip into this for a statement colour but I don’t tend to use the trio of pans together as they’re planned in the palette. I adore the bright yellows and the deep blues, but the pinks are a tad overrated in my opinion. On use, they just don’t seem to stick very well.

You’d expect a good colour pay off with this palette because it’s all about the bright colours and tones, but some of the shades are chalky and there’s a bit of fallout. It takes some time to build the matte pans compared to the shimmers but once there’s enough product there to make an impact they blend very well, as do all Urban Decay shadows I’ve ever used.

I’ve taken to recently keeping this out on my vanity to inspire me to use it more, with a little bit of success. It’s a bulky palette which is a pain to store away and then get out again but I still love it, it’s the one jewel in my collection that whenever I uncover it after a while I feel all sorts of excited again because the colours are so different to whatever else I own and regularly use.

My advice, buy this for a splurge and then keep it for a wild party or special occasion where you need a particular colour to hand.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it? What’s your favourite shade? Let me know in the comments.

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