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I turned twenty-six very recently and something that I’d always wanted to do to signify my transition into a fully functioning female adult with her shit together is buy some decent make-up brushes that I can wash instead of throw away. I’ll be the first to admit that I am absolutely terrible at make up hygiene and often tell people when they ask for make-up advice to never follow my bad habits. I’ve owned an Eco Tools Foam Applicator Brush for close to a year and have never once washed it. It was only recently with some birthday cash in my pocket and after a gnarly spot break-out that I bit the bullet and decided to fulfil that grown-up wish of mine and invest in some make-up brushes that I could be proud of.

There is a MAC make-up shop close to my workplace and I’ve wasted a few of my lunch breaks lost at the brush stand near the tills not knowing where to start. You can watch videos on YouTube and see vloggers raving about some MAC brush with a unique number and I’ve quite frankly got no idea what exactly it’s for and why I have to spend God-knows-what on one brush that should be used just to blend eyeshadow into the crease of my eyelid. Aren’t these tools meant to multi-functional? You’re talking about the girl who before she discovered eyelid primer used to rub vaseline below her Barry M Dazzle Dust to make it stick. I have no make-up multi-use shame.


Enter Real Techniques. If you blog, vlog or generally hang around the make-up counter in Boots and/or Superdrug you will have come across this brand. I don’t really need to introduce the brand to you as the brainchild of Sam and Nic Chapman who are behind the YouTube channel Pixiwoo and the sisters of Jim Chapman who is coincidently Tanya Burr‘s husband. They all connect see?

Anyways, Real Techniques is a make up brush only range. You can buy the brushes individually or you can do what I did and invest in the some core sets. I purchased the Core Collection including four brushes for contouring, foundation application and buffering as well as the Starter Set that holds five brushes for enhanced eyes. I debated over both of these sets for ages and missed out on a great by one get one half price offer in Boots because of my indecision but ‘que sera, sera’.

Generally I’ve been really happy with both sets but I haven’t had the chance to use them properly yet. I understand that as well as the description of what the brushes are for on the box there are also YouTube videos available on the official channel that coincide with each brush. Browsing through, it’s really good to see that after-sales support that other products on shop shelves are missing. No longer will I feel like a complete novice when attempting to contour with totally the wrong technique… been there, done that… destroyed the photo evidence and chucked the blusher brush.


I haven’t used the eye brushes at all yet because I’ve been slowly coaxing myself away from using my Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set before jumping into what Real Techniques can do for me but I do like the base set very much. I’ve used the base brushes nearly everyday to apply anything from a simple face powder or primer and foundation and I can say that the buffer brush is a new favourite. Everything seems to blend so well on my skin now rather than feeling like I have to cake my face in product to get some coverage and forever worrying about that dreaded line from my ear to my neck as I have an uneven tone across my face. Added bonus: the brushes even feel quite soft on your face when blending and they hold onto little product after use so you needn’t worry about getting covered in last night’s colour combination.


I rate these brush sets for affordability alone. They’re a really good starting point for crafting a make-up brush collection and I no longer feel like I’m in the dark because I don’t know exactly which brush should be used where and how on my face but I know that with these sets it will be easy to learn. They were a great price and feel like quality. Each set even came with a travel case and stand to store the brushes in that I’ll be using the next time I go away – for now they sit in my Insta-worthy recycled Primark candle jar looking swish on my dressing table.

Have you used Real Techniques before? What did you think of their brushes? Let me know in the comments.

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