My Lush Sale Haul

There was a lot of drama going on in the world of Twitterdom during the Christmas holidays as many Lush fans and bloggers flocked online to get to the Boxing Day sales and were locked out of the Lush website in the process. Sadly, it looked like a lot of the stock had gone by the time people were able to get access and somehow that gave people the excuse to be incredibly rude online about an issue that was out of the control of the Lush colleagues and the social media team. Ugh.

I have little to say on the hassle that was floating around as I stayed far away from any sort of sale if I could help it during Boxing Day, so I didn’t exactly circle the date in my calendar waiting for some spectacular offers to spend my Christmas dosh on. I did however get a chance to wonder into the Cardiff branch before the new year who were very well stocked and the staff are always complete diamonds so it’s a pleasure to pop in.

Everything I picked up was on 50% off and it was a struggle to get in the shop, the stock was selling like hotcakes when I was in there. I’m really looking forward to the new spa opening further up on the high street as it looks like a bigger unit with so much more room to be able to look at, and smell, the products on offer.


Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

This was one of Rick’s picks so I couldn’t really say no, there’s nothing like having a partner who actually wants to shop in the same places as yourself and even suggests products you should try yourself. We are fans of the shower gel that was released in Autumn so this has been sitting in our bedroom with all of the other make-up bits to be used for a special occasion.

I’ve never used this in bath bomb form before so I’m totally excited about seeing it in action, although the colour really reminds me of snot, ha.


Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

I’ve been to a couple of Lush blogger events now, they seem to be the only blogger event I tend to go to for some reason, so I’m quite familiar with the products they demo. No word of a lie I’ve wanted to try one of these in my bath since I first saw it but it’s never in stock when I want to buy or it’s a little outside of my loose change budget when I’m in a shop.

I grabbed this and practically chucked it in my basket covering myself in bits of blue and glitter in the process. The bath bomb is quite glittery and, as always with any sort of product that glistens, it’s practically impossible to photograph well.


Magic Wand Bubble Bar

I had one of these a while back and it lived on the shelf in our bathroom. Well, since then I’ve realised that with the ridiculous condensation problems in our house the bathroom is the worst place to keep my precious, all fresh and hand-made Lush products because they basically melt away.

Even the stick on my first bubble bar was mouldy and disgusting so I unfortunately had to bin it. I grabbed one of these and it’s been living with all of my other lush purchases giving off a lovely sweet smell and I’ve already given it one whirl in a bath just after Christmas. I don’t care if the festive season is over I’m still keeping on using this magical wand and feeling like a fairy each time I swirl it in my tub.


Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know how much of a sucker I am for this bubble bar. You can crumble a little off or throw the whole thing in and it turns the entire bath pink just like a My Little Pony threw up in it.

Sometimes I get this out just to sniff it and watch as the pearly white parts glitter in the light. Oh I love it. When people ask me I always say that this is my favourite Lush bath product so it’s no surprise that I had to buy another when it was on offer.

That’s everything I picked up in the sale, did you buy anything? Let me know in the comments.

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