My Current Favourite Three: Concealers

With my make up collection taking up an entire Ikea chest of drawers (as my husband so often reminds me when he’s eyeing up a new beard balm or oil he absolutely doesn’t need) I will rotate out products to make the most of them and discover new favourites on a regular basis. I suffer rather badly from dark patches under my eyes through lack of sleep (that’s what having a seven-year-old who rises at 6am on a weekend in the house does for you), a poor diet or simply just age so I will reach for a concealer before anything in my make up routine these days.

I have my ultimate faves pinned down to three now and much like my post on my most-loved blushers a little while ago, it was about time I shared them with you:

Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Concealer in Fair Neutral

I picked this up in the Urban Decay branch in Nottingham a few months and it easily became one of my favourites. It doesn’t feel very oily and it blends out like a dream – not to mention that the shade I selected was bang-on for my tone.

I often use the All Nighter Waterproof Longwear Liquid Foundation for special occasions because the formula is so creamy but it’s a foundation that I don’t like to wear for everyday. Partly because it’s too expensive to replace every five minutes and partly because I like to save the more ‘premium’ make up I own for night’s out and date nights. Because I don’t wear that foundation very often I tend to use this concealer as way to bring in the luxury of the brand to my everyday routine.

I use this concealer the most out of all of them that I own. If I’m doing a full face of make up for a special day I will use this concealer. If I’m popping to the shops but I want some coverage, I use something else. This concealer from Urban Decay is a good way of bringing in one of my favourite items of make up without spending the Earth.

Hands down, I feel like this concealer will be on my ‘forever re-purchased list’ until the formula is changed or anything else that could be detrimental to it’s effectiveness. The staying power is stunning and it rarely wears off when baked.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Fair

I’ve been keeping this concealer from Collection in my stash since Louise Pentland recommended it a good few years back now. I can easily say that this concealer has been a solid for a long time now. I will often buy this again when I have a tube that’s running low and I always look out for it whenever I’m in a Superdrug. The only point that I find mildly annoying about this product is that it has sneakily risen in price over times and has become difficult to get a hold of.

I feel like this concealer was a thing way before it was picked up by major influencers out there and now that glowing under-eyes has become a fashion statement in the make up world, girls and boys who use make up everywhere have been slathering concealer on like no tomorrow in their daily routines. Somehow a cute, budget concealer that I loved has become a make up bag essential for many others and it makes finding a fresh tube of this when needed a chore.

Nonetheless, I’ve got no qualms in raiding the overstock drawers on the high-street and finding the shade I need when I have to – so I’m often using this concealer in my daily routine. I find this ideal for chucking on whenever I need to rush out somewhere simply because it doesn’t take a lot of work to blend and set. The lightest shade suits my skin tone really well and it’s does it’s job as a great base under my foundation or when giving more of a glow when applied over my fave foundation too.

Make Up Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer in C4

Talking of slathering concealer all over the place – I’m often liberal with my application of this concealer from Make Up Revolution and I’ve been loving it for months now. I suppose this one would be the newest kid on the block out of the trio but it stands up there as one of my faves. The price is bang on and the wand in the bottle is a joy to use. The trouble with using so much concealer all over the shop is small wands that take several pumps and blots to get any build-up but this offering doesn’t fall-down that hole.

I like to use this to map out my face when I’m contouring and so far it’s been a success. The only downside I can think is how little there is in the bottle compared to others out there, and the fact that I really do struggle to get my shade due to it’s immediate popularity. This is one of those products I keep for every now and again but I still keep reaching for it over the others in my stash because it’s application and how well it spreads and blends.

These are my top three concealers of the moment, do you have any of your favourites in this list? Let me know in the comments.

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