#LushWinter 2016 at Lush in Cardiff

Recently I was invited to attend what I would call a ‘blogger’s lock-in’ at the Lush branch in Cardiff for the launch of their winter range. I went last year but being as I was new to the area, spent the entire event hanging around like a bit of a lemon and not making any friends. This year was a completely different story as I met with Paige of Paige Helen and Holly of The Kitty Luxe beforehand and felt completely at ease as we all crammed into the shop after hours. Thanks so much for meeting me girls!




I feel like the shop had undergone a massive festive transformation after closing because the Christmas music was playing, the fizzy drinks were flowing and all of the gifting sets for this year were proudly on display. First off, we were shown the Wow Gift Box and OMG – this is the big boy of Lush gifts! This box retails at over £100 and holds 37 items in the box. This has to be the ultimate gift for any Lush fan this year and I couldn’t stop thinking about it the entire evening.


If you didn’t know already Lush Cardiff is now launching a spa, I’m not 100% if they will be moving location entirely or opening upstairs in the current venue but I really think they need more space regardless, this store is so popular as it is I would imagine it to be a real squeeze with a spa there too. I didn’t have a chance to have a real look at the treatments but looking online I can tell that there’s a real variation from the cheaper to expensive packages and something for all sorts of tastes.



Even though the event was focused around the festive releases for this year, the staff are so knowledgable that they gave a guided tour of so many great products that Lush already sell all-year round and I had no idea about. These two shimmer bars Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar and Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer Bar can be used as an alternative to highlighter and I had a lot of fun rubbing my hands in glitter whilst using them. I think Goth Fairy is my favourite of the two, not only for the range of colours when swatched but for the name and shape alone – I’ll be popping in to pick one of these up when my current highlighter runs out.





As you can see, Snow Fairy is back for the year as well as Lord of Misrule which was a really popular staple of last year’s Halloween/autumn collection. We already have a small sample of the Lord of Misrule shower gel hanging around the house but I still couldn’t help giving it a good sniff and taking in those earthy scents.

Apparently the Snow Fairy Shower Gel has had it’s recipe tweaked on feedback from last year’s batch and you can tell that Lush have really listened to what their customers had to say about one of their most popular Christmas products. The formula is ten times as glittery and now more viscous on pouring as many of those who stocked up on it last year stated that it was far too watery to be long-lasting. On using it in store I can tell you that it feels much more luxury because of how creamy it pours and the the gel lathers up whilst still keeping it’s trademark scent.




I’ve never used a lip scrub before regardless of if it’s a Lush product or not because I tend to have dry and chapped lips all year round and exfoliating them feels like undoing all the hard work my stash of lip balms and vaseline tins does. I’ve tasted and used the Popcorn Lip Scrub before and have liked the flavour so we got to get our mitts on some more of the varieties available that evening too. A top favourite was the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub simply because it tastes oh so sweet and the power of rubbing this course texture on your lips with a delicious aftertaste is quite a treat.


Another surprise was the Santa Baby Lip Tint which is really pigmented on swatching. The red is really bright and reminds of MAC’s Ruby Woo and could be a great Lush alternative so I’d grab it now whilst it’s in stock because it is really worth the buy – trust me.




The staff really know their stuff and we were treated to two colleagues (who’s names I’ve forgotten, I’m so sorry) who not only had a great working banter when showing off their stock but were able to navigate over the madness of so many bloggers crammed into their shop and still get to grips with the key products they wanted us to learn about. Pictured above is the Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb which is a really scented product that whiffs of Christmas trees and stillI can’t get my head around the scent days later.


Last time I went home with a Snowman Shower Jelly and promptly dropped him in the shower, and watched him slide down my plug hole because apparently shower jellies and I don’t mix. The good news is that he still smells like carrots but the bad news is that he’s still so slippy that I just can’t bring myself to be interested in him but a product that really caught my interest was the Snowie Bubble Bar released in memoriam of the late David Bowie. I didn’t get to see this IRL unfortunately but the scent combination sounds so dreamy and I’m going to be keeping my beady eye out for one.




You can’t go to a Lush lock-in without a live demo of the products and leaving with skin feeling like a baby’s bottom. Hanging out in the spa section of the shop was a Candy Cane Roulade Shower Smoothie and a Yule Log Roulade Shower Smoothie and they both smell like Christmas to me – but then everything that Lush creates this time of year does. I haven’t used a shower smoothie before because, quite frankly, they look strange to me and I’m bound to loose or break one of these before getting full use out of them but the Candy Cane Roulade is so beautiful that I want it regardless – my Christmas list this year just keeps growing and growing…





We were all treated to a hand washing, moisturising and dusting which as always, is a pleasure (thanks to my beautiful hand model Chelsea for the photos). The products used were the Snow Fairy Shower Gel to start, the Cristingle Body Conditioner and a dusting of Fairy Dust Dusting Powder.




I enjoyed many a warm and cosy bath using the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb although I am disappointed to learn that this year there’s no surprise in the middle. You used to be able to wiggle these and hear something jingling but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year – but as always the scents and excitement of watching it fizzle in water is still delightful.


This Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar is the best I’ve seen from this season’s releases, especially because it’s a bubble bar you can user over and over again. Any product that gives you value for money is a winner in my book and this is very photo friendly for insta-snaps too. Isn’t he just so cute?





I don’t use the soaps from Lush but every time I get lost in those displays I end up sniffing something I can imagine sitting in a soap dish next to my sink and the large versions of the soaps excite me too. This Magic Wand Soap smells so strongly of the tangerines in it’s ingredients and feels so fresh too. I thought this was  Halloween product but it’s apparently an all-seasons purchase so I’d recommend taking a closer look at it because it’s quite something.


IMG_6065The bath bombs are out in force as usual this time of year. I always treat myself to buying a few for those cosy nights in and long, steaming baths on cold days with a glass of wine or two. There’s far too many to count in bath bombs because Lush have it down for me on luxury and affordability on practically everything.

That night, I picked up an old favourite the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar that smells as sweet as ever and I’m keeping it for a special day when it’s most needed. There’s so many to choose from I would be here forever talking about them all so I’d recommend either having a nose around the Lush website or going in store yourself to choose your favourite – if you can get past everyone else.

I really enjoyed my time at the blogger’s event and as always learnt so much about the variety of products that Lush creates for the seasons. I’m really liking how the Christmas theme runs throughout the store and not just within one section like bath bombs so you’ll probably find something festive no matter what part of the shop you’re in.

Have you tried any of the product shown? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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