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Recently I was able to attend an event at the Lush Cardiff branch and needless to say I was a little bit nervous, this was my first ever event specifically to do with my blog and I rocked up on a wet and windy evening with no idea how to behave let alone what would be happening. What does one even wear to these sorts of events? I settled for a warm cardigan and boots in weather that can only be described as miserable and turned up over half an hour early… on my own… in the wet and cold. Well done Mel.


After doing three laps of the nearby Tesco and wandering if I counted the change at the bottom of my purse for the third time would I be able to afford a Costa did the doors of the shop finally open for me and several other bloggers as we were introduced to Lush’s 2015 winter range of products.

If I were you I’d put the kettle on and then settle back down with a brew and a biscuit or several because I took a lot of photos and could hardly decide between so many as I set down to write this post. Everything on the shop shelf just looked so delicious and I couldn’t help snapping away.




What I was interested by the most was that the winter range spreads across pretty much every product you could imagine from shower jellies (yes that header image is a giant Santa’s belly and yes I did enjoy slapping it) to bath bombs and soap.

There’s really something for everyone here and it was a real pleasure to get really into the products and learn more about them with the assistance of the staff there who were incredibly helpful and most of all friendly – which is exactly what you need when you know no one and are too timid to say hi.




As we were led around the store we were split off into little groups of those who went for personal demonstrations and some who wanted to have a closer look at whatever items they desired. It was quite a loose event so I was able to wander around and take photos of all the stunning stock.

I’m sure hardly anything needs an introduction here but I want to shout out the two dusting powders shown: First Snow and Fairy Dust, the lovely staff member who helped me to begin with (and who’s name escapes me, I’m very sorry) sprinkled some of this on me during a demo and I smelt amazing and sparkled all the way home on the bus, I loved it.



I bagged two of those Golden Wonder Bath Bomb‘s on the night and only really picked them because I knew of bloggers who raved about them last year but as you can see there was so much on offer it was really difficult to pick just a couple of items to go home with – and I was really trying to avoid buying that Costa to begin with so I could save my dosh for this opportunity. What? You’d think I’d miss a chance to get up close and personal with lovely Lush products and not buy anything? Tsk.




As well as being greeted with a glass of something fizzy on the way in and being encouraged to stick our noses into practically every product we were invited upstairs to have personal demonstrations with some of the new stock. My hands were treated to some items I would never think of using myself like the Snowman Shower Jelly with it’s carrot hues and I was so amazed by it that I even popped it in my basket on the way out even though I’m terrified of it slipping from my hands in the shower and sliding down the plughole. Ya never know.





We were shown some really exciting demonstrations through the night and it’s clear that the staff in the Cardiff store really know their stuff. I went home knowing more about the exciting sights smells and colours of Lush’s catalogue than I ever thought I would. One of my favourite points of the night was tagging along to a group demo of some of their toothpaste-like items like the Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder and the Bling! Toothy Tabs.



This Snowcake Soap smelt absolutely amazing! I didn’t get any demo’s of soap on my skin but really, you could smell it from the very front of the shop and you can tell just by holding a small piece how much of those silky oils are in this sweet-smelling soap.



I think one of the skills I want to have in my life is to be able to fizz up bath bombs and pour water perfectly between heavy jugs like these girls can. You really get to see the colours that come out of a bath bomb and I could watch that water being poured all day.



Pictured above is the Snow Angel Bath Melt that actually looks like a little glittery angel floating in bathwater and below is the Stardust Bath Bomb in action.




Err did I mention that this bath bomb is no ordinary bath bomb? It actually changes colour in the bath and is a stand-out item for just about £3 a piece. I came home with a handful of these and cannot wait to put them in my next bath just because I know my water is going to be a different colour and look so cool – yes I’m that excited about such a simple thing.




Seeing all the products that I wouldn’t usually touch was really refreshing. I don’t go anywhere near the face masks and fresh produce simply because putting it in the fridge kinda freaks me out put having some cool and calming paste slathered on my arm and it’s softness afterwards felt so good! I’m tempted to look at these again in the summer because I feel like a cool face mask after a long hot day would be stunning.



We got to make our own version of the Bar Humbug Bubble Bar in the store and go home with it. As much as I really wanted my face on a sticker I was happy to settle for getting my hands dirty moulding my very poor attempt at the perfect bubble bars on the shelf. I found bits of purple all over myself later but it was a lot of fun making something and using it afterward.



Our products took a full twenty-four hours to set but I cheated and used mine before it was completely solid in my bath and it turned out just as nice. I really enjoyed doing something different and it was nice having something personal that I made to share when I got home too.

If you want to see the full collection of Lush Christmas range just click here but you can check the majority of them out at your local branch from right now. All my thanks to the Cardiff team for letting me come along and being so friendly on the night, it was a total blast.

What’s your favourite range from Lush’s new range? Let me know in the comments.

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