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I’m a sucker for nail polishes and have a collection that spans many different brands as well as years. I’ve had some bottles in my beauty stash since 2010! I have a bad habit of hoarding away a particular brand or shade that I’ve taken a liking to and then not using said polish for months so the by the time I want to decorate my fingernails I’m having to give the bottles a strong shake so that the formula blends again – who has the time for that?

I use my hands a lot in my job and sometimes have to haul boxes around so having pristine and pretty nails will never be for me but wearing a nice colour on my fingernails from time to time is a joy. What I really enjoy is a nail polish that can stand a battering and not chip within five minutes, so let me tell you how difficult it is to find a formula that does the job without five layers and a tough top coat.


I picked up three Lottie London nail polishes in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago when I was fancying a little cosmetic treat and being as I’d just discovered that my favourite Rimmel London polish in Give it Some Welly had dried up I was in need for a pick-me-up. Well, Lottie London have so far managed to impress and the three shades I picked up have just about done a good enough of job sticking around after a fresh application without chipping – woohoo!


Lottie London Nail Lacquer in Classy Gal

This is my favourite shade and most worn out of the three I purchased.

I really like a grey nail polish because the colour is so wearable with my work uniform and anything I have on during my days off so I put this on with a decent undercoat and a top coat and it lasted a week before I picked it off – I do that. This has been the perfect replacement for the previous grey tone I used to have, it’s not too blue or too thin on formula and looks fab. It’s a new firm favourite of my collection.


Lottie London Nail Lacquer in Peace Out

I wore this bright blue shade first because I like a brightly coloured polish – call it a remainder of my Barry M-loving teenage years. Sadly, this chipped almost immediately and I was covered in blue flakes for days. I have a feeling I rushed the application of this which caused it do such a rotten job but a few layers shouldn’t be that bad at keeping on your nails!

I’m going to try this again another time and spend the extra care to make sure I have a good top coat on because I still love the colour, it reminds me of the deep blue sea.


Lottie London Nail Lacquer in Buttercup

I have a mushroom-tone matte polish which is probably one of my oldest polishes and I pulled it out of retirement recently, which was bad idea anyway because it’s so old, and as stunning as the shade was it crumbed under the pressure of daily wear and looked pretty shitty after the first day. But still, I really wanted to wear it.

After my ancient Barry M nail polish disaster, with half-painted and chipped fingernails at work all day, when I spotted this on the shelf in Superdrug I thought it looked perfect to replace my old and useless polish. I love a good brown/mushroom shade and this doesn’t disappoint. It looks lovely when applied and again, much like the grey I like too, really sticks around.

Have you tried any of the shades I have here? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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